Classic Album Review: Chance The Rapper- Acid Rap

In 2013, Chicago hip hop artist Chance the Rapper released his second mixtape Acid Rap. The project was released for free by Chance, who has to this date never sold his music. It won all sorts of end of year awards and nominations, and it was the mixtape that really pushed Chance into stardom before hisContinue reading “Classic Album Review: Chance The Rapper- Acid Rap”

Classic Album Review: Arctic Monkeys- Humbug

The Arctic Monkeys have always excelled in surprising their fans with new and innovative sounds from their albums. The release of Humbug in 2009 showed their diversity to create a new timbre, leading on from their second album Favourite Worst Nightmares. The hard hitting upbeat indie rock sound that had been present on previous releases,Continue reading “Classic Album Review: Arctic Monkeys- Humbug”