Top 50 Death Grips Songs

Death Grips are now seven projects deep into their discography after their most recent release ‘Year Of The Snitch’ dropped earlier this year. That’s almost 100 songs to date, but which are the best? Well fear no more, as I have stayed well and truly noided and ranked them all for you lovely people. Here are Death Grips’ 50 best songs.
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Jaden Smith – SYRE: The Electric Album: Album Review

In 2017, 20 year old Cali rapper Jaden Smith released his debut studio album, SYRE, to prove once and for all he’s much more than the son of Will and Jada. It was an impressive debut that put Jaden in a shortlist of the best up and coming rappers in the game. Released exclusively on Instagram, SYRE: The Electric Album, is a remix of songs that were on SYRE, the remixes feature no drums at all, just Jaden and guitars, and it made for quite a change. Continue reading “Jaden Smith – SYRE: The Electric Album: Album Review”


Jay Rock – Redemption: Album Review

He’s not just Top Dawg’s most underrated rapper, but he’s one of the most overlooked rappers in the mainstream game. Redemption is a story of Jay Rock’s struggles in life and in rap as he aims to get to the top. Is Redemption the album that’s going to push Jay Rock to the next level which I feel he belongs? Continue reading “Jay Rock – Redemption: Album Review”