Top 10 Odd Future Member Features

Between all the members of Odd Future we’ve witnessed some of this decades very best rap and RnB albums. We’ve seen Blonde, Doris and Ego Death, but we’ve also had the pleasure of listening to a plethora of features from members of the group. Here’s our top 10 Odd Future Features. Continue reading “Top 10 Odd Future Member Features”


Classic Album Review: Tyler, the Creator – Cherry Bomb

2015 would be an important year in the timeline of Odd Future. Tyler would release his third studio album titled Cherry Bomb. The release was met with some quite mixed reviews, some praising the album for it’s diversity while some critiqued it’s overall layout, where do we stand on the album three years on?  Continue reading “Classic Album Review: Tyler, the Creator – Cherry Bomb”


The Internet – Hive Mind: Album Review

In 2015 Odd Future alumni The Internet released their third studio album, Ego Death, earning a Grammy nomination. Following that the group released solo projects before getting back together for their most recent album, Hive Mind. Is another Grammy nom on the way? Continue reading “The Internet – Hive Mind: Album Review”