Ranking The 1975’s A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships Singles

After months of promotion spanning half of the year, it’s finally time for The 1975’s A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships to be released. With the album dropping on the final day of November, we felt that it would be fitting to rank the five promotional singles that the band have released so far.

No Rome – RIP Indo Hisashi: EP Review

Described as “a personification of teen love, melancholy & everything in between”, No Rome is the alias/”art project” of Manila-born Rome Gomez. Garnering international acclaim through the release of several tracks and EPs over the past few years has landed him a record deal with Dirty Hit, and RIP Indo Hisashi is his label debut.Continue reading “No Rome – RIP Indo Hisashi: EP Review”

Top 40 1975 Songs

In 2002, The 1975 were born. Although not named The 1975 at the time, they would begin to write songs which lead to their EP success in 2012. From here their popularity blew up before their first studio album in 2013. This would be followed by another album in 2016, and an album which isContinue reading “Top 40 1975 Songs”