Remembering Mac Miller

Born in Pittsburgh in 1992, Malcolm James McCormick grew up with nothing but aspirations of becoming a musician. His love of The Beastie Boys, OutKast and A Tribe Called Quest later became evident in his own music career; which began in 2007 at the age of just 15, spanning and developing right up until his very recent tragic passing on September 7th 2018. It is still raw and painful to think about, but this is a post to honour and celebrate the life and career of Mac Miller. Thank you for everything Mac, you’ll never be forgotten. Continue reading “Remembering Mac Miller”


Mac Miller- Swimming: Album Review

It’s been a rocky ride for American rapper Mac Miller. Following a breakup from pop sensation Ariana Grande, Miller has comeback to discuss heartbreak and his mental health on his most recent project, Swimming. Continue reading “Mac Miller- Swimming: Album Review”


Weekly Singles Roundup: July 23rd-29th

In our second week of doing this, we have been blessed with some new releases of the absolute highest order, as well as some that aren’t as good. New singles have come from the likes of BROCKHAMPTON (again), The Chainsmokers (sigh) and DJ Khaled, who appears to be gearing up for I’m The One 2: Electric Boogaloo, but more on that later. Here are Viberant’s thoughts on the new singles to come out in the last full week of July.
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