Kevin Abstract – ARIZONA baby: EP Review

In recent years Brockhampton have become a rap phenomenon. The entire group seem to thrive off creativity and an ability to do things their own way, without tradition. With that being said it should come as no shock that the groups founder, Kevin Absract, has went back to his solo roots and is seemingly releasing a series of mini EP’s; the first of which is ARIZONA baby, released on the 11th of April.

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BROCKHAMPTON: Saturation Trilogy Review

BROCKHAMPTON are a boyband from Los Angeles, California who have gained widespread acclaim in 2017 thanks to this trilogy of albums, something Kevin Abstract is coining as the ‘Saturation Era’ and the reason for this title is simple; BROCKHAMPTON are here to saturate the rap game and make it literally impossible to ignore them. This is a review of the trilogy and the impact it has had on the genre as a whole. Continue reading “BROCKHAMPTON: Saturation Trilogy Review”