Kanye West- Ye: Album Review

In 2013 Kanye West dropped a daring project in Yeezus, as the man himself proclaimed he was more than a man, he was a God. Fast forward to present day and to Kanye’s newest album, Ye. Kanye does a 180 as he details his fall from grace and that he is a man with faults,Continue reading “Kanye West- Ye: Album Review”

We Need to Talk about Kanye West

You have to be a Grade A idiot to believe that Kanye endorses Trump for his policies and his alt-right following, seriously what universe do you think Ye would do that? I’m not denying for one second that they way Kanye has gone about it is sloppy, but really? You think Kanye backs building theContinue reading “We Need to Talk about Kanye West”