Nas – NASIR: Album Review

Nas being back is excellent for hip-hop, his style and craft is something that the genre desperately needs in these times of Soundcloud and chart hits. Being a voice is Nas’ field of expertise, but that can often be his downfall. On NASIR, we are given the good and not so good of the Queensbridge rapper, but above all it’s just fantastic to hear him rhyme again. Continue reading “Nas – NASIR: Album Review”


Kids See Ghosts: Album Review

Kids See Ghosts is a mantra, it details the crushing lows and soaring highs of the lifestyles of two of hip-hop’s most well-loved and respected artists; describing the emotions that make them feel down, and the things they do or even take to pick themselves back up again. It’s a challenging listen, but I feel like it is an essential one for the stigma of mental health to take another positive step towards being broken. Continue reading “Kids See Ghosts: Album Review”


Kanye West- Ye: Album Review

In 2013 Kanye West dropped a daring project in Yeezus, as the man himself proclaimed he was more than a man, he was a God. Fast forward to present day and to Kanye’s newest album, Ye. Kanye does a 180 as he details his fall from grace and that he is a man with faults, just like every human. He details those faults in the most gripping of ways.
Continue reading “Kanye West- Ye: Album Review”


We Need to Talk about Kanye West

You have to be a Grade A idiot to believe that Kanye endorses Trump for his policies and his alt-right following, seriously what universe do you think Ye would do that? I’m not denying for one second that they way Kanye has gone about it is sloppy, but really? You think Kanye backs building the wall? Wake up and stop demonising a man for preaching his free thought. Continue reading “We Need to Talk about Kanye West”