Top 20 Singles of 2019… So Far

 We’re halfway through 2019, so it’s time to look back at some of the best singles to be released so far this year! We’ve got pop bangers, emotional slow jams and hip-hop masterstrokes for you. Continue reading “Top 20 Singles of 2019… So Far”


Top 20 Albums of 2019… So Far

2019 has been a stellar musical year thus far, seeing rising stars embark on instant classic debut albums, seasoned veterans return to a heroes welcome and innovative minds delving into even weirder avenues of experimentation. In a half-year where music from Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Tyler The Creator and even the Jonas Brothers has come out; what has made the cut for our list of the best albums so far this year?
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Top 40 Vampire Weekend Songs

Vampire Weekend are one of the most hailed and respected bands of the modern era for their eclectic sense of cultural influence and, first and foremost, their ability to craft together bangers and incredible albums. Here are their top 40 songs according to us: Continue reading “Top 40 Vampire Weekend Songs”


Vampire Weekend – Father of the Bride: Album Review

Six years is a mighty long time in the music industry; and in the case of Vampire Weekend it has brought about a dawning of maturity and sombre reflection, as can be seen on their new album Father of the Bride. Ezra Koenig has always been an artistically abstract songwriter, but his latest batch of tracks here have seen him take the spiritual journey of life, death and everything in between. Continue reading “Vampire Weekend – Father of the Bride: Album Review”


Catfish and the Bottlemen – The Balance: Album Review

On The Balcony, Catfish and the Bottlemen announce themselves as a big emerging British band with a collection of simplistic but catchy anthems designed for singalong moments at live shows. For a debut album this is a solid effort and I’m excited to see what they’ve got nex…….. wait, this isn’t The Balcony?
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