Top 20 Rappers In Their 20s

The hip-hop game is currently undergoing an influx of new wave talent, young blood oozing with creative ideas and fresh projects. While the likes of Kendrick, Drake, Future and J Cole continue to rule the roost in their 30s; it is those in their 20s we are focusing on here. This is the Viberant list of the 20 best rappers in their 20s:
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Lil Wayne – Tha Carter V: Album Review

In 2011 Lil Wayne released Tha Carter IV, it was a mixed bag that showed glimpses of Lil Wayne’s brilliance and often times showed weakness that wasn’t on Tha Carter III. All eyes were then set to Tha Carter V. After several delays to the release (something we know all too well about) the album has finally dropped. Is it a throwback to the glory days of Tha Carter III or has the hype ruined the album?
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