Top 10 Disclosure Songs

Howard and Guy Lawrence are a pair of Surrey born brothers with a keen ear for the funk in music. They formed Disclosure in 2010 and gained widespread acclaim in the summer of 2013 with their stunning, refreshing debut album Settle. Since then they have worked with names such as Lorde, The Weeknd and most recently Khalid to build their stock; and are expected to release their third album this summer. These are the ten best Disclosure songs to date, according to us at Viberant:
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Dizzee Rascal – Don’t Gas Me: EP Review

Dizzee feels like he’s 10 years younger on this EP, which leads me to raise the point that Dizzee is only 33 years old. Should he continue this amazing form for the next few projects, Dizzee is easily in upper echelon of musicians. Continue reading “Dizzee Rascal – Don’t Gas Me: EP Review”