Death Grips – The Powers That B: Classic Album Review

On this double album, Death Grips proved their instrumental versatility; demonstrating the punk-core elements they are famed for as well as experimenting yet more with electronic sounds and high-quality synth lines. The joyride these two albums create makes for an ethereal combined experience. Continue reading “Death Grips – The Powers That B: Classic Album Review”


Death Grips – Government Plates: Classic Album Review

Death Grips’ third studio album and fourth project was an absolute mess, but in the best kind of way. They took off any remaining shackles they may have had and did exactly what they wanted to do, even if that meant it wasn’t going to be for everyone. Continue reading “Death Grips – Government Plates: Classic Album Review”


Death Grips – No Love Deep Web: Classic Album Review

In this the group’s second studio album, we heard a harsher sound than we ever had from Death Grips, offering a more confrontational sound and harsher lyricism than it’s predecessors, while also providing a couple of accidental meme anthems along the way. Continue reading “Death Grips – No Love Deep Web: Classic Album Review”


Death Grips – Exmilitary: Classic Album Review

With this debut mixtape, Death Grips announced to the world their intentions, to say fuck you to the industry and prove to us all that they are without a shadow of a doubt the most innovative rap act around and perhaps the most polarising ever. Continue reading “Death Grips – Exmilitary: Classic Album Review”


Who are Death Grips?

If you know who Death Grips are then you’ll know exactly what they’re like and what they stand for, if you don’t then my word are you in for a treat. So kick back and enjoy this factfile on the most polarising music act of the 21st century and some of the insane moments that gave them such a title. Continue reading “Who are Death Grips?”