Richard Ashcroft – Natural Rebel: Album Review

On his latest solo release, The Verve’s frontman Richard Ashcroft sounds as worn out and beaten as the genre he blossomed from. It takes a special kind of man to release an album so littered with entitlement, but Ashcroft managed that with absolute ease on Natural Rebel; perhaps all those days he spent looking at himself in the mirror and doing cocaine to pretend he’s cool have caught up with the once idolised songwriter. Continue reading “Richard Ashcroft – Natural Rebel: Album Review”


Ranking Oasis’ Albums

Oasis are one of the most iconic bands this country has ever produced, becoming a staple of the Britpop era which dominated the music charts in the 90s but much like the Britpop era, their time ran out and they split ways in 2009. This is my opinion on how their seven studio albums rank from best to worst.

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