Top 20 Albums of 2019… So Far

2019 has been a stellar musical year thus far, seeing rising stars embark on instant classic debut albums, seasoned veterans return to a heroes welcome and innovative minds delving into even weirder avenues of experimentation. In a half-year where music from Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Tyler The Creator and even the Jonas Brothers has comeContinue reading “Top 20 Albums of 2019… So Far”

Ranking Kings of Leon’s Albums

Kings of Leon are a real family matter of a band, consisting of brothers and cousins of the Followill family from Tennessee. They have had a long and illustrious career since forming in 2000 and their rock blend has become somewhat of a staple soundtrack of the 2000s. Here are their seven studio albums rankedContinue reading “Ranking Kings of Leon’s Albums”