Injury Reserve – Injury Reserve: Album Review

Injury Reserve have been bubbling under the surface of hip-hop for a few years now, dropping eclectic and socially aware mixtapes that just so happen to go hard as fuck. On their debut album the trio continue their rise to prominence with a fresh set of clever ideas, hilarious metaphors, abstract production and some deeplyContinue reading “Injury Reserve – Injury Reserve: Album Review”

Top 20 Rappers In Their 20s

The hip-hop game is currently undergoing an influx of new wave talent, young blood oozing with creative ideas and fresh projects. While the likes of Kendrick, Drake, Future and J Cole continue to rule the roost in their 30s; it is those in their 20s we are focusing on here. This is the Viberant listContinue reading “Top 20 Rappers In Their 20s”

Aminé – ONEPOINTFIVE: Album Review

2017 XXL Freshman Aminé is back with quite the bang. The 15th of August saw the surprise release of Portland rappers second full length project, ONEPOINTFIVE. Self described as an ‘EPLPMixtapeAlbum’ it would be safe to assume that this is merely a mid point between his debut and sophomore albums, but it certainly feels like soContinue reading “Aminé – ONEPOINTFIVE: Album Review”