The Japanese House – Good At Falling: Album Review

On her bold and personal debut album, Amber Bain of The Japanese House masters the art of artistic subtlety, creating a soundscape experience that gives you the feeling of dreaming while wide awake. She has placed herself well and truly amongst the most exciting emerging artists of the past few years, as well as provingContinue reading “The Japanese House – Good At Falling: Album Review”

Giggs – BIG BAD…: Album Review

Giggs brings star power in the form of features on his surprise drop sixth album, but he simply doesn’t have the versatility to sustain interest on an hour long project. What made his previous album Landlord so enjoyable was the cutting edge deliveries and the big beat consistency; sadly he lacks this far too oftenContinue reading “Giggs – BIG BAD…: Album Review”

Lil Pump – Harverd Dropout: Album Review

In the youthful world of Soundcloud rap, the new wave of artists drop songs and projects like there’s no tomorrow, Lil Pump is a major outlier to that formula. Following on from his gigantic 2017 success with ‘Gucci Gang’ and his self titled debut, it’s took over an entire year for his next project toContinue reading “Lil Pump – Harverd Dropout: Album Review”

Sticky Fingers – Yours To Keep: Album Review

On their fourth album, Sticky Fingers take a victory lap with their fans; waltzing hand-in-hand through whimsical subtlety and blissful indie-rock tracks to craft together the best album of their careers. It has an air of beauty and vulnerability that further enhances this album’s persona, marking as the ideal bonding point between band and listener.