The Best Rapper Of Every Year Since The New Millennium

When the clock struck midnight at the New Millennium the world didn’t end as predicted, but we did get Twitter, iPhones and Xbox. Oh and we got a new wave of rappers from a prime Eminem to a prime Lil Pump, here’s the best rapper of every year this Millennium.  Continue reading “The Best Rapper Of Every Year Since The New Millennium”


Is Rap Now Better Than The 90’s?

It’s widely regarded that the two greatest rappers of all time are Tupac and Biggie, they are praised for not only their skill, but how they changed the rap game and inspired an entire generation of rappers. Those rappers include Kendrick Lamar, J Cole and Lil Wayne. So is there an argument that those inspired by the 90’s have actually surpassed the rappers that inspired them in the first place? Here’s a very well thought out argument as to why that’s the case.

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