Top 15 Tame Impala Songs

..It’s been an incredible rise for Kevin Parker, the brains behind Australian psychedelic rock outfit Tame Impala. Since emerging from the underground in 2009 he has faced criticism for being a Sgt. Peppers era Beatles rip off, before transforming into one of the most relevant and progressive musical minds of his generation. His crowning moment will come this year when he twins the release of Tame Impala’s fourth album with a Coachella headline slot; but what are his best songs so far? Continue reading “Top 15 Tame Impala Songs”


Ones To Watch 2019 – Part 2

As a music fan I can speak for everyone when I say there is absolutely nothing better than discovering a new band or artist from the fringes of the industry, someone that sound so fresh and different as well as exciting. 2019 is going to be a big year for many of the music business’ big stars, but these are my ones to watch that you may not have heard before:
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Ones To Watch 2019 – Part 1

2018 brought us a plethora of fantastic music. From the weird and wonderful of Death Grips to the sublime of Janelle Monáe we had some amazing albums to sink our teeth into, and 2019 will be no different. In this two part series we’ll be looking at the ones to watch in 2019, part one displaying some of the worlds biggest artists we expect to drop, with part two looking at some lesser known artists who could rise through the ranks this year.
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Top 20 Songs of 2018

2018 has been a monumental year for music. We’ve had multiple albums that will go down in history, and each of those albums without question had at least one song which meant something much greater to music as a whole than a simple song. We’ve had songs breaking stigmas on suicide, drug use and the problems with modern society, plus we’ve had some out and out floor fillers too. To clean things up, each artist was entitled to one space on our list and nothing more.
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Top 50 Albums of 2018

If one thing is for certain, 2018 has been a sublime year for music. We’ve had some of the world’s most talented artists return with new records, and even a few pleasant surprises from acts we hadn’t heard prior to this year. Here’s our list of the 50 best albums of this year.

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