Viberant Profile: Liam Jones

If you didn’t already know, Viberant is run by three different people. Myself, Callum and Ellis. While it’s fun to run this with friends it can become quite problematic. I mean yeah we all love Brockhampton and The 1975, but I’m not a big fan of Radiohead. Ellis hates on my boy Jaden Smith, and for some insane reason Callum doesn’t like XO Tour Llif3. Our opinions differ and while it’s challenging it makes for some fun, but the reader might not always get it. The idea behind the Viberant profiles is to get to know each of our tastes on an individual basis. Continue reading “Viberant Profile: Liam Jones”


Gorillaz – The Now Now: Album Review

2017 was a very turbulent time for the world, and what Humanz did well was represent this. However, it’s scope was somewhat tarnished, as the record often found itself all over the place. After a very quick turnaround, this endearing band of cartoon misfits return, but will The Now Now see them strike the same cultural notes as they did previously? And perhaps more importantly, will it all gel together better?

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Top 5 Video Game Soundtracks

In most cases, a soundtrack can completely make or break a video game. As we all know, if a game is not dripping with immersion, a lot of the time its not worth playing. Whether the music: builds tension, gives a sense of pace or just keeps the brain ticking. It can be argued that a soundtrack is essential to make a game truly great.  This is why we have selected our top 5 favourite original game soundtracks especially for your reading pleasure.

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Florence and The Machine – High as Hope: Album Review

Three years since How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, the unmistakeable sound of Florence and The Machine is back on our airwaves once again. Still the ethereal, powerful, force of nature she always has been; but this time the delivery of her trademark elemental themes is more delicate, calm, as if Florence has arrived at peace with the feeling and emotions she’s always sang about with such vigour. In this eye of the storm record, Florence tells us of her deepest secrets.¬†

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Drake – Scorpion: Album Review

On Scorpion, Drake proves himself to be the living, breathing example of the “get you a man who can do both” meme; with Side A showing his gang-heavy mandem rap side and Side B working as the perfect antidote for your WCW’s most recent heartbreak. One of these sides hugely outshines the other in terms of quality, and I think you can guess which one that is… Continue reading “Drake – Scorpion: Album Review”