The Japanese House – Good At Falling: Album Review

On her bold and personal debut album, Amber Bain of The Japanese House masters the art of artistic subtlety, creating a soundscape experience that gives you the feeling of dreaming while wide awake. She has placed herself well and truly amongst the most exciting emerging artists of the past few years, as well as proving to be more than able to further lift the ever rising stock of the Dirty Hit record label. Continue reading “The Japanese House – Good At Falling: Album Review”


TBT: Top 10 Albums of 2008

In 2008 I was a care free 11 year old just starting to find his own musical niche, back then my influences came in the form of my parents who were big on the indie rock scene of the time (as was the case for most back then). Being able to reflect back now demonstrates just how great a year 2008 was for innovative, groundbreaking music; so these are my top ten albums of a star-studded year.
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Little Simz – GREY Area: Album Review

Little Simz has always been an immensely talented MC on the cusp of something special. Well, she’s finally shattered the glass ceiling here; crafting together a true coming-of-age album that feels as triumphant as it does emotive. The UK rap scene has been on the up for a few years now, but they better make room at the round table for a new face, a new hero to join hip-hop royalty; and her name is Simbi Ajikawo.
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Giggs – BIG BAD…: Album Review

Giggs brings star power in the form of features on his surprise drop sixth album, but he simply doesn’t have the versatility to sustain interest on an hour long project. What made his previous album Landlord so enjoyable was the cutting edge deliveries and the big beat consistency; sadly he lacks this far too often on BIG BAD… Continue reading “Giggs – BIG BAD…: Album Review”