Top 5 Video Game Soundtracks

In most cases, a soundtrack can completely make or break a video game. As we all know, if a game is not dripping with immersion, a lot of the time its not worth playing. Whether the music: builds tension, gives a sense of pace or just keeps the brain ticking. It can be argued that a soundtrack is essential to make a game truly great.  This is why we have selected our top 5 favourite original game soundtracks especially for your reading pleasure.

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Classic Album Review: MF Doom- Mm.. Food

MF DOOM, MM FOOD… Where do I start? After releasing many different bodies of work, under many many different aliases including Viktor Vaughan and King Geedorah, MM FOOD (2004) is the second studio album by the UK born rapper MF DOOM (Who, as of February 2018 has over 1,000,000 monthly listeners on Spotify).

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