Was ‘TESTING’ Criminally Underrated?

After several delays, several Mob projects, and several years, A$AP Rocky Finally dropped his third studio album. ‘TESTING’ was a fitting name according to Flacko, who claimed that he was testing new sounds on the album unlike anything he’d released before. But for the years of anticipation, a large portion of Rocky’s audience were leftContinue reading “Was ‘TESTING’ Criminally Underrated?”

Kevin Abstract – ARIZONA baby: EP Review

In recent years Brockhampton have become a rap phenomenon. The entire group seem to thrive off creativity and an ability to do things their own way, without tradition. With that being said it should come as no shock that the groups founder, Kevin Absract, has went back to his solo roots and is seemingly releasingContinue reading “Kevin Abstract – ARIZONA baby: EP Review”

Billie Eilish – WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?: Album Review

At only 17 years old Billie Eilish has took the music world by storm. Without ever releasing a studio album she gained traction unlike any other, traction that has only continued. Prior to the release of this debut album it had been pre-added on Apple Music over 800,000 times; more than any album ever. We haveContinue reading “Billie Eilish – WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?: Album Review”

Scarlxrd – Infinity: Album Review

At 24 years old, Wolverhampton’s own Scarlxrd has created himself quite a cult following. His merger of rap and metal have resulted in some stellar releases that gained him some viral attention, particularly his inclusion in a Noisey documentary and over 50 million views on his biggest track, Heart Attack. There was seeming to beContinue reading “Scarlxrd – Infinity: Album Review”