Round-Up Reviews: May 2019

May’s edition of Round-Up Reviews sees us look at albums from all over the musical scope that were released this month. We have summary reviews of albums from the likes of Logic, Lewis Capaldi, Carly Rae Jepsen, Mac Demarco and much more!
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Injury Reserve – Injury Reserve: Album Review

Injury Reserve have been bubbling under the surface of hip-hop for a few years now, dropping eclectic and socially aware mixtapes that just so happen to go hard as fuck. On their debut album the trio continue their rise to prominence with a fresh set of clever ideas, hilarious metaphors, abstract production and some deeply personal meaning. If you don’t know about them, here is the perfect place to start.
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Tyler, The Creator – IGOR: Album Review

Album number six for Tyler is perhaps his most focused and conceptual piece yet, transcending his previous work and taking the next bold leap in his artistic career as well as his personal life. IGOR is a thoroughly laden project that proves once and for all that Tyler Okonma is one of the true pioneering minds of our time; taking all creative possibilities and multiplying them by a million.
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slowthai – Nothing Great About Britain: Album Review

On his unapologetic debut album, Northampton rapper slowthai enters the echelons of working class musical hero that blatantly inspired his gritty sound; using brutality and admirable honesty to tell us all candidly that there is Nothing Great About Britain. Continue reading “slowthai – Nothing Great About Britain: Album Review”


Music & Mental Health: The Antidote To Our Darkest Thoughts

Music has an undeniable power in society and has done for generations now, managing to evoke emotion from performer to listener year upon year. Everyone has songs they listen to when they’re happy or when they’re sad; when they’re full of life or empty beyond belief. In honour of Mental Health Awareness week, I will be looking at the unbreakable bond we as human beings have with rhythmic sounds and the overwhelming impact music can have on our lives; particularly in my case. Continue reading “Music & Mental Health: The Antidote To Our Darkest Thoughts”