Ultimate Setlist: Drake

Drake is perhaps the biggest global superstar in music right now, selling out arenas for fun thanks to his countless multi-platinum selling accolades. With a discography as big as Drake’s, he needs to ensure that all of his bases are covered; including tracks that please his hardcore rap fans as well as his commercial hits. This is Viberant’s take on what should be Drake’s Ultimate Setlist: Continue reading “Ultimate Setlist: Drake”


Imagine Dragons – Origins: Album Review

Imagine Dragons are back with some more surface level music that tries to shock your system with expensive production, when in reality the content is about as imaginative and thought-provoking as dressing as a cat for Halloween. This certainly ain’t it chief. Continue reading “Imagine Dragons – Origins: Album Review”


Metro Boomin – NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES: Album Review

Metro Boomin returns with authority and confirms to us all that he is the king of trap banger beats; boasting a collection of hits with some huge names on his new album NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES. While it’ll never be a conceptual masterpiece, it is a glowing example of Metro’s status as the gold standard producer in hip-hop; if you’re after red-hot anthems, then look no further.

Continue reading “Metro Boomin – NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES: Album Review”


Muse – Simulation Theory: Album Review

This album sounds like the scribblings of a deranged Scientologist, as Muse opt for weird and dorky rather than quality content. Matt Bellamy reached for the stars on Simulation Theory, presumably in the hope he could land on a UFO, but instead he ended up six feet under the musical surface; killing his band and any shred of credibility he had left in the process. Continue reading “Muse – Simulation Theory: Album Review”


Earl Sweatshirt is BACK! Our Thoughts on New Single Nowhere2go

It has been three years since Odd Future alumi Earl Sweatshirt brought out his last album I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside; but he is finally back with a new song. Fans have been desperate for new Earl material for quite some time but after a turbulent time in his private life he has finally arrived with single Nowhere2go. Here’s our thoughts: Continue reading “Earl Sweatshirt is BACK! Our Thoughts on New Single Nowhere2go”