TBT: Top 10 Albums of 2014

2014 was a year for the experimentals, the weirder the better seemed to be the ethos of the year and as a result we were treated to some truly incredible albums from some marvellous emerging artists. From loud hip-hop concepts with twitchy production to solo artists grabbing the bull by the horns and commanding attention; here are the ten best albums of 2014. Continue reading “TBT: Top 10 Albums of 2014”


Round-Up Reviews: March 2019

A segment we used to do in the early inception of Viberant, welcome back Round-Up Reviews! Here we will do small pieces on ten big albums worthy of note that we never got around to writing full reviews for. This month’s instalment features projects from 2 Chainz, Weezer, Juice WRLD, Sigrid and more; enjoy and let us know your thoughts on some of these albums! Continue reading “Round-Up Reviews: March 2019”


Flume – Hi This Is Flume: Mixtape Review

Very rarely can a project sound so scattered and wild while also being so smooth and intertwined, but this isn’t any ordinary producer we are dealing with here. Flume proved on 2016’s Skin that he can craft together a stellar full length piece of work, and on this latest mixtape he has confirmed this status and then some; working wonders on a soundscape tape that flows like one large track. It’s an experimental party meshed into one project. Continue reading “Flume – Hi This Is Flume: Mixtape Review”


Dave – Psychodrama: Album Review

In 11 tracks and 51 minutes, Dave has not just shattered the glass ceiling surrounding the UK rap scene, he has soared to prophet level. Stylised as a therapy session, Psychodrama is as raw and honest as albums come; serving as a beacon of guidance for anyone struggling within a wide spectrum of difficult and traumatising topics. When artists like Dave come around we need to cherish him, this truly is one of the most essential releases this country has seen in a long time; Psychodrama is the UK rap album of a generation. Continue reading “Dave – Psychodrama: Album Review”


The Japanese House – Good At Falling: Album Review

On her bold and personal debut album, Amber Bain of The Japanese House masters the art of artistic subtlety, creating a soundscape experience that gives you the feeling of dreaming while wide awake. She has placed herself well and truly amongst the most exciting emerging artists of the past few years, as well as proving to be more than able to further lift the ever rising stock of the Dirty Hit record label. Continue reading “The Japanese House – Good At Falling: Album Review”