61st GRAMMY Awards Nominations: Our Thoughts

The nominations for the 61st Grammy Awards are out; with Drake and Kendrick Lamar leading the way throughout the field. There has also been a huge influx of female nominees this year, making for the most diverse and intriguing nominations list in years. Who will be the big winners? These are Viberant’s predictions: Continue reading “61st GRAMMY Awards Nominations: Our Thoughts”


Earl Sweatshirt – Some Rap Songs: Album Review

On his third studio album Some Rap Songs, Earl Sweatshirt once again shows us all how massive his sleeves are. He manages to wear his deepest, darkest emotional trauma, his most avant-garde influences and his full personality on them; creating a rap album that could well pioneer a new wave of conscious experimental hip-hop.
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The Prodigy – No Tourists: Album Review

When you’ve been at the forefront of the British dance/drum & bass scene for as long as The Prodigy have, you can afford to let your hair down and cut loose from time to time. On their latest album No Tourists they do exactly that. So long as you don’t mind a bit of musical carnage and the occasional cringey throwback, this could pleasantly surprise you. It won’t win album of the year awards, it is too much of a gimmick for that; but despite its flaws, it’s pretty damn fun.
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The Beatles – The Beatles (The White Album): Classic Review

50 years ago Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starr brought out their self titled White Album. Half a century is a mighty long time, but when an album as advanced and progressive as this comes along; time is flagged as nothing but a social construct. The Beatles created a soundscape that will live in infamy, paving the way for progression in the industry with a 30 song, 90 minute monster of an album that is rightfully regarded as one of the greatest ever. The White Album is troubled art, it’s less Picasso and more Jackson Pollock; less Mona Lisa and more Composition VII. Continue reading “The Beatles – The Beatles (The White Album): Classic Review”