Earl Sweatshirt is BACK! Our Thoughts on New Single Nowhere2go

It has been three years since Odd Future alumi Earl Sweatshirt brought out his last album I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside; but he is finally back with a new song. Fans have been desperate for new Earl material for quite some time but after a turbulent time in his private life he has finally arrived with single Nowhere2go. Here’s our thoughts: Continue reading “Earl Sweatshirt is BACK! Our Thoughts on New Single Nowhere2go”


Christine & The Queens – Chris: Album Review

On her second album Chris, Héloïse Letissier displays her truest form, the femme fatale of the pop genre with elegance and poise in abundance. She is an absolute star and has to be honoured as one of pop music’s true shining lights after this compelling, powerful listen. Christine & The Queens is a form of expression for Héloïse, and this sophomore album is her magnum opus; an incredible insight into the world of an eccentric popstar.
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Whale Hill – Broken Rose: Our Thoughts

Good friends of ours here at Viberant, Middlebrough’s own indie-rock band Whale Hill offer blissful sounds on their first official release; intertwining childhood influences to create a couple of upbeat, catchy tracks on their Broken Rose single. As far as first impressions go, this is a very good start for a young band who will only grow with time.
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Richard Ashcroft – Natural Rebel: Album Review

On his latest solo release, The Verve’s frontman Richard Ashcroft sounds as worn out and beaten as the genre he blossomed from. It takes a special kind of man to release an album so littered with entitlement, but Ashcroft managed that with absolute ease on Natural Rebel; perhaps all those days he spent looking at himself in the mirror and doing cocaine to pretend he’s cool have caught up with the once idolised songwriter. Continue reading “Richard Ashcroft – Natural Rebel: Album Review”