Foals – Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 1: Album Review

It’s been a long, four year wait, but Foals have finally woken from their slumber. As one of the last few surviving 00’s indie bands, this record could’ve catapulted Foals back to the forefront of British music – or seen them sink into irrelevancy. Following the enormous What Went Down is no small task, and with the departure of bassist Walter Gervers, it was debated whether Foals had already peaked – but the release of this record has put those doubts firmly back to bed. Continue reading “Foals – Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 1: Album Review”


Viberant Profile Round 2: Ellie Roper

When I met Liam at university and found out about Viberant, I thought it was really cool and refreshing. So many music review sites now pander to the same artists, report the same stories, and bring the same views. So when Liam asked if I wanted to write some bits for Viberant, I happily said yes. As much as we all are passionate about music, we all have some really different tastes and opinions, so it can get pretty fun here. Our Viberant profiles will hopefully give you some insight in to our individual tastes.  Continue reading “Viberant Profile Round 2: Ellie Roper”


Florence and The Machine – High as Hope: Album Review

Three years since How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, the unmistakeable sound of Florence and The Machine is back on our airwaves once again. Still the ethereal, powerful, force of nature she always has been; but this time the delivery of her trademark elemental themes is more delicate, calm, as if Florence has arrived at peace with the feeling and emotions she’s always sang about with such vigour. In this eye of the storm record, Florence tells us of her deepest secrets. 

Continue reading “Florence and The Machine – High as Hope: Album Review”