Viberant Profile: Callum Galloway

Being a collaborative effort between Liam, Ellis and I, a great deal of our posts on here are based on an amalgamation of all three of our opinions. I’d say most of the time we agree; we can all agree on Frank Ocean being incredible and we can unite in our disdain towards artists like Russ, but there are plenty of occasions where Liam has been wrong and Ellis has been wrong. The great thing about music, though, is that they aren’t wrong at all, they just hold views that they’re perfectly entitled to- and I just happen to disagree. Here’s a brief Q&A that might shine a light on the reasons we don’t always see eye to eye when it comes to music.

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Gorillaz – The Now Now: Album Review

2017 was a very turbulent time for the world, and what Humanz did well was represent this. However, it’s scope was somewhat tarnished, as the record often found itself all over the place. After a very quick turnaround, this endearing band of cartoon misfits return, but will The Now Now see them strike the same cultural notes as they did previously? And perhaps more importantly, will it all gel together better?

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