King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Infest The Rats’ Nest: Album Review

Right, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard are absolutely fucking mental. They’ve embarked on their next genre hop and it’s thrash metal done in its purest form; basically just screaming at us for not looking after the planet. The result is enthralling, manic, thunderous and utterly absurd; but in the best kind of way. Your MCM’s favourite band could literally never be as versatile as these guys.

They’ve done it. They’ve finally entered the next realm of fantasy. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard have never been ones to rest on their laurels when it comes to punctuality and sound evolution in their music, releasing a hefty fourteen albums in their seven year long professional career; with not one project sounding alike to the other. They have dipped their toes in psychedelic-rock, dream-pop, prog-rock, experimental funk and so much more; but this time they’ve cranked it up a notch.

The band’s FIFTEENTH studio album is a thrash metal album called Infest The Rats’ Nest, and make no mistake about it, simply typing that sentence out has confused me beyond comprehension. The album before this one, released just four short months ago, was a bright and vibrant kaleidoscopic listen with glistening guitars and jolly folk-style singing; oh how the tables have turned.

On this new project here, King Gizzard bring manic noise rock and a conscious climate change message to the forefront and do so with killer delivery. It’s a half-hour long wild ride of face-melting guitar solos and grovelling vocals from Stu Mackenzie, taking the aggressive approach to tell the listener just how dangerous our lack of urgency is towards Earth’s deterioration.

Lead single Planet B tells us to “open your eyes and see, there is no Planet B” behind throaty instrumentals to really cut through and make a statement; opening with this was a stellar choice. King Gizzard do an excellent job in making this album feel like a moment in their evolution, there’s no case of half-arsing here and they do a fantastic job when it comes to entering the realms of heavy metal music. One slight gripe I have with this album is that it can be somewhat cliched at times, mimicking metal on the odd occasion rather than owning their new found status. It is far from a large criticism, though, as these instances are few and far between.

The message is impactful, the performance is rattling, King Gizzard have well and truly done it again. They are the most consistently unpredictable band on Earth, but never once let over-zealousness get in the way of raw quality in their music. While it may not be as cohesively mixed as Fishing For Fishies, have as many outright hits as Nonagon Infinity or be as conceptually endearing as Murder Of The Universe; it certainly ranks as another great effort from a band who, at this point, seem like they cannot miss. What’s next? Trap? Country? Smooth Jazz? Who knows.

Favourite Tracks: Planet B, Mars For The Rich, Superbug, Venusian 1, Self-Immolate, Hell

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