Kevin Abstract – ARIZONA baby: EP Review

In recent years Brockhampton have become a rap phenomenon. The entire group seem to thrive off creativity and an ability to do things their own way, without tradition. With that being said it should come as no shock that the groups founder, Kevin Absract, has went back to his solo roots and is seemingly releasing a series of mini EP’s; the first of which is ARIZONA baby, released on the 11th of April.

Brockhampton member Romil co-produced the album with Bleachers’ Jack Antonoff, and the addition of the Grammy winning Antonoff shows. While the three track EP maintains the flashy creativity of a Brockhampton record, it seemingly feels cleaner and less boastful. The projects first track, ‘Big Wheels’, is the EP’s most ferocious track as Abstract glides across a quality beat with an impressive flow that shows off Kevin’s bars.

‘Joy Ride’ and ‘Georgia‘ have been described as ‘perfect summer time songs’, and it’s clear why: ‘Joy Ride’ is a brass based track that’s packed full of energy, while ‘Georgia’ is reminiscent of a summers night after long and fruitful day. It’s soulful and relaxing, without question my highlight of the project.

At only three tracks long, Kevin Abstract has left this short and sweet whilst managing to leave a strong lasting impression. ARIZONA baby is three brilliant songs that have left fans wanting more. Lucky for us we’ll get his next EP, Ghettobaby, on the 18th and presumably another project on the 25th. As a reintroduction to Abstract’s solo work, this is a mighty fine effort.

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