Scarlxrd – Infinity: Album Review

At 24 years old, Wolverhampton’s own Scarlxrd has created himself quite a cult following. His merger of rap and metal have resulted in some stellar releases that gained him some viral attention, particularly his inclusion in a Noisey documentary and over 50 million views on his biggest track, Heart Attack. There was seeming to be an upward trend for one of the UK’s most unique artists, but it appears that trend is over with his latest album, Infinity. 

“That right there is a mental breakdown on the track” is a spoken word interlude on track one, I WANT TX SEE YXU BLEED, and it’s the first of a plethora of cringe worthy content on Scarlxrd’s most angst ridden album to date. The theme is apparent throughout, with lyrics such as “Go fuck yourself till you bleed” appearing on track three, LIVING LEGEND; I’m all for a degree of pain and angst in music, but Scarlxrd pushed well beyond the boundaries throughout this project.

Fortunately for Scar, his producers came through with the goods and gifted us with quality beats that’ll make any Scarlxrd set a surefire mosh pit to remember. Another strong point of the beat is that they match Scar’s ability to switch his cadence, the difference in his heavy screams and his fast flowing bars have always been one of his best selling points, that’s no different here. That change in cadence is most apparent mid way through the album with tracks such as SX SAD and I CAN DX WHAT I WANT.

On his 7th studio album, Scarlxrd manages to take some very impressive production and waste it with some down right uneasy lyricism that leaves a bad taste. There is simply too much angst for one to handle on this project. It’s difficult to divulge into a full listen without feeling somewhat cut off from positivity; overall this is a tough listen that feels awkward at far too many points for me to want to come back. Scarlxrd is a much better artist in the right moment and for a short period of time, he might benefit from smaller albums going forward.


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