Swears – Subliminal: Track Review

Middlesbrough based rockers Swears have brought out their new single Subliminal, and it is a loud, in-your-face anthem bound to sound like an absolute riot live. They wear influences proudly on their sleeve and prove that any hype that surrounds them is 100% justified.

Swears are a band on the rise, that much is for sure. Describing themselves as a “fuzzy alternative rock band, drawing influences from grunge, punk, doom and pop” sounds pretty accurate on reflection of their sound thus far. Their latest single Subliminal largely follows this narrative in the form of crashing cymbals and abrasive guitar riffs, creating an aurora of punk-rock chaos from the get-go. The instrumentals provide some great tempo and some truly stellar moments, particularly the guitar breakdown in the bridge which isn’t overly-flashy and instead focuses on core sound.


A standout element of this track is without doubt the harmonies in the chorus, creating a catchy melody can be so hard to come by these days but Swears have accomplished that here. The vocals of lead singer Joel Clayton vary between Dave Grohl inspiration in the pre-chorus and a quirky twinge of Maximo Park and The Vaccines in the verses; a combination that goes down an absolute storm on this song. The roars of the song’s title in the chorus sound fresh off a stage and helps Subliminal feel ready made for some live performance carnage.

Be sure to catch Swears live at the inaugural Viberant Promotions event alongside Strangeways and Whale Hill on Saturday 16th March at Disgraceland Baker St. in Middlesbrough. Tickets are cheap and available now so don’t miss out!


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