Lil Pump – Harverd Dropout: Album Review

In the youthful world of Soundcloud rap, the new wave of artists drop songs and projects like there’s no tomorrow, Lil Pump is a major outlier to that formula. Following on from his gigantic 2017 success with ‘Gucci Gang’ and his self titled debut, it’s took over an entire year for his next project to be released, Harverd Dropout. Has the lengthy wait become a cool off period? Did Pump flop or is he back to his addictive best?

I’ll answer both of my own questions for you. First off, no, Pump didn’t have a cool off period. This album had several delays to it’s release but there was plenty of singles that kept Lil Pump relevant, particularly the mountain of memes created by his track with Kanye, ‘I Love It’. Relevancy doesn’t equate to quality though, and to answer my second question, he’s flopped.

Prior to it’s release I was expecting in-cohesion, I was expecting a jumble of raw bangers that had no meaning. We got most of that here. The lack of cohesion? Tick. The jumble that had no meaning? Tick. The raw bangers? Well, not really. For every good track there’s two or three forgettable mishaps. Most of the features don’t strike the right chord either.

Lil Wayne struggles on ‘Be Like Me’, but he doesn’t struggle as much as Pump who does nothing but irritate for four minutes. Pump manages to out-do himself on the following track ‘Stripper Name’ with YG and 2 Chainz. His auto-tuned hums sound off throughout the entire beat, making it close to un-listenable. Lyrically it was always going to be completely inept, but Pump’s flexes are far too cringe worthy for my liking. I’m not asking for a woke Lil Pump, I’m just asking for a bit more quality.

Don’t get me wrong, there is some quality in parts. Lil Uzi and Kanye are both part of bangers as ‘Multi Millionaire’ & ‘I Love It’ both make the cut, as does the albums first single ‘Esskeetit’. But even the best of the best on this album aren’t close to that of his 2017 hits. Pump’s had his 15 minutes now, and I can’t see him getting back to his best any time soon.


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