Future – Future Hndrxx Presents: THE WIZRD: Album Review

The always productive Future has released his 7th studio album, Future Hndrxx Presents: THE WIZRD, but we’ll simply refer to it as The WIZRD. Future has the ability to drop projects at a rapid rate, but has the content remained as high as his 2015 hay days?

Rap is a very cruel game, and often times the game favours the young. Every Soundcloud rapper and XXL Freshmen is after their little slice of the good life that rap can give them. The new generation are getting that 15 minutes of fame Andy Warhol predicted, the likes of Future are being pushed to the side with their longevity in doubt. Following on from a forgettable collab album with Juice Wrld, Hendrix needs to end this plateau he’s on before that plateau becomes a rapid downward spiral.

To buck the trend, pre album release I would’ve said we need a new version of Future. He’s found his biggest 2018 success when he was at his most unique, à la Kings Dead. I’d have also said the project shouldn’t pass the 40 minute mark, and spark the listeners interest with some superb feature work.

What did we get? A 60 minute album that’s large in parts jumbled. Feature wise Young Thug and the red hot Travis Scott do the job. Gunna does not, however. It’s not all bad, while chunks of the album are stereotypical formulaic Future, there is a few songs on here that are dominant and assertive. By the way, formulaic Future isn’t a bad thing, but it’s not going to get near that formula when it was fresher a few years back. The big issue is that Future seems to know the level he is capable of but doesn’t maintain it. For every hit on this album there’s not a miss per say, just forgettable nothingness.

For the highs of the catchy Crushed Up, we get the lows of the miserable Jumpin on a Jet. At it’s best, The WIZRD shows Future at most entertaining, it’s crisp and refreshing. At the albums very worst it feels like an unmotivated Future whose perhaps past his prime at this point. To put it in layman’s terms, sometimes it’s great and sometimes it’s boring as hell.

I’m not sure Future is capable smashing it out of the park when it comes to an hour long project, drop a quarter of the album from the final cut and it’ll without question be more enjoyable. When push comes to shove, Future is still firmly placed in that forbidden plateau. Luckily for him he’s a superstar with a big pull and the ability to drop a much better album than this at the drop of a hat.

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