Toro y Moi – Outer Peace: Album Review

Viberant’s first album review of 2019 comes in the way of chillwave artist Toro y Moi and his 6th studio album titled Outer Peace.

Perhaps the most challenging part of releasing this project for Toro y Moi was matching the success of his 2017 slice of brilliance, Boo Boo, a true chillwave piece of artistry that has aged like a fine Merlot. Such mellow vibes are hard to outdo if you follow the same patterns, it could’ve been replicated but I find often times with such a genre there’s a bit of a glass ceiling on artists. Toro has obliterated that ceiling thanks to an extra dosage of synthpop.

Toro has cited that he found inspiration for this album from his nightclub DJ sets, something that you can without question hear throughout. While those chillwave sounds are still there, there’s much more focus on making buoyant, sunny sounds.

Those sunny sounds can be heard right away on the albums opening track Fading, a sublime track that could only be made better by a 25 degree heatwave. Promotional single Ordinary Pleasure is the following track, a sound that’s reminiscent to that of a Daft Punk banger; not a bad comparison to be credited with.

The soulful sounds of American singer Abra give Miss Me a feminine touch that meshes perfectly with Toro and his production. Quirky autotune throughout is another sweet touch that intertwines with the funky basslines and synths, all of which were self produced. The projects first promotional single, Freelance, makes an appearance in the second half of the thirty minute project, remaining as addictive as it was when it was first released late last year.

This album is without question the next step in Toro y Moi’s ever evolving sound, it’s more upbeat than previous endeavours. It’s bold yet smooth synthpop is infectious and the slick autotune feels youthful. It’s a project that sounds free of any negativity that could possibly hold Toro back. While the album might lack that one major song that’ll propel it into the limelight; it’s struck a chord with me for how slick, seamless, and fun it really is. A multitude of genres from the aforementioned synthpop all the way through to house and R&B make Outer Peace the first addictive project of the year, one that I’m sure we’ll be talking about when the end of year lists are released in a 11 months time.

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