Ultimate Setlist: The 1975

So The 1975 have just started their tour of new album A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships, heading out all over the UK throughout January and February; prompting questions as to what content they will play live. The 1975 are often an elusive live performer, offering surprise entrants and omissions to their ever-growing setlist; but what would I like to see them perform?

1. The 1975 – From A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships

A no-brainer really. The opener on all three of the band’s albums, this self-titled track is a beautiful introduction to both the albums and the live shows; continuing it’s sonic progression as the band go on and on through their discography. With this being their most recent version of the song, I would love and fully expect to see them start shows with the ABIIOR version of The 1975 and its Bon Iver styled sound.

2. Give Yourself A Try – From A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships

This was the band’s return single for the new album, an announcement that they were back with a bang. Give Yourself A Try would be absolutely phenomenal live, those Joy Division-esque modernised guitars would cut straight through to the audience and Matty’s singalong lyrics of self-reflection and belief will be a great way to kick this show into life.

3. M.O.N.E.Y. – From The 1975

A an absolute favourite of mine, the third song in my set would be the third track from the debut album; and what makes M.O.N.E.Y. such a huge part of this set for me is the groovy, eclectic sound it has to intertwine with the sure to be glamorous stage setup the band will adopt. A certain hit with the diehard fans of The 1975, they could really ramp up the effects on this track and make it a bubbly experience.

4. TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME – From A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships

Probably the most fun track the band have released in a long time, TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME would be an absolute thrill ride live. Those vibrant synths, the jiggy production and Matty’s infectious lyrics in your ears while surrounded by thousands of adoring fans singing the words: what more could you possibly ask for?

5. It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You) – From A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships

The fifth single from ABIIOR, It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You) is a pure 1975 hit in every form; the glitzy, colourful production, the slick guitars and Matty’s quirky, cheeky lyricism work in perfect harmony. While yes, it is indeed a song about heroin addiction, the song is bouncy and has enjoyment in abundance, it simply has to be a part of the set list.

6. A Change Of Heart – From I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it

The Legend of Zelda soundtrack makes an appearance. I absolute love A Change Of Heart, it is so innocent and sombre as well as being a gorgeous singalong anthem. Watching this song live was very lovely and I would be quite shocked if it didn’t show up again as Matty prances round stage; probably with a glass of red wine to hand.

7. Robbers – From The 1975

The song that truly made me love this band, it has always stood out to be as a hugely emotional driving force of the band’s career. You best believe that once Robbers starts playing, there will be tears and screams in the audience, it just has such a telling effect on so many people and for that reason alone; it has to be on the setlist surely? NOW EVERYBODY’S DEAD.

8. Antichrist – From Facedown EP


9. Loving Someone – From I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it

A coming together to embrace everyone-type anthem, Loving Someone was described as the band’s purest example of their relationship with their fan base. It asks us all to love one another and treat each other as we would want to be treated ourselves. The LGBTQ+ colours will pour out from the stage as The 1975 belt out their empowerment tune once more in a moving fashion.

10. I Couldn’t Be More In Love – From A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships

Play this song live pls @ Matthew. It has such a stunning 90s prom vibe surrounding it and god damn it imagine how nice that chorus will be to singalong to live. I Couldn’t Be More In Love is one of the better received songs from the new album so I feel like it deserves recognition in the form of a spot on the setlist. The very soulful attitude of the song will make it a mellow masterclass in a live environment.

11. Sincerity Is Scary – From A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships

Jazz-infused pop music from our favourite millennial band here, Sincerity Is Scary is nothing short of gorgeous. “Why can’t we be friends when we are lovers” is one of my favourite lyrics Matty has ever crafted and the song as a whole has a warm feeling surrounding it; this is definitely one to sway along to with your arm round your best friends.

12. Lostmyhead – From I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it

This divine sounding track from the group’s sophomore album would fit like a glove in the flow of the setlist, providing fans with a moment to witness a stunning instrumental build and no doubt some extra wild light shows. The 1975 have never been known to hold back in their experimentation and diversity, with Lostmyhead being one of the best fits to show themselves off to the max.

13. I Like America & America Likes Me – From A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships

The 1975’s answer to Soundcloud rap is next up on the setlist, and witnessing I Like America & America Likes Me live would be a lively and religious experience. The autotuned croons of Matty’s vocals will make it a flavoursome hit at a show and that pulsating beat will get everyone jumping; as will some of the passionately delivered lyrics on this (“kids don’t want rifles, they want Supreme”).

14. You/Milk – From Sex EP

The 1975 have often performed You live, it is a rhythmic slow jam for the ages that has some beautiful guitar riffs and an energy in the chorus that is rarely matched in modern times. That’s all well and good, but for the love of god guys, do what is right and play Milk straight after; I mean you did put it as a hidden bonus on the song for a reason you know…

15. How To Draw/Petrichor – From A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships

I shouldn’t really need to explain why this song would go off live, all you need to do is listen to it. The first half of the song is a melodic slow burner with exuberant electronic vocal delivery and a slow piano instrumental; nice. The second half? An EDM sprinkled colossus that sounds like the band’s take on a Kid A cut. It would be phenomenal to witness live, trust me.

16. Love Me – From I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it

Speaking of phenomenal live: when I saw The 1975 headline Parklife I wasn’t sure what to expect, that was until Love Me started playing. The riff was loud, in your face and passionate; while Matty’s lyrics are wonderfully obnoxious and blissfully arrogant. I feel like this would really be the best way to start the rally of big hits that will close out the show.

17. Somebody Else – From I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it

A step back from wild energy to a more introspective, understated approach here. Before the third album came out, we voted Somebody Else as the best song of The 1975’s career and rightfully so, it is absolutely majestic in delivery as Matty pours his heart out about the loss of a lover to another person, but of course he makes it a hit in the process. Get ready, the tears could well make an appearance.

18. Girls – From The 1975

Picture the scene: the whole crowd have just finished the wondrous coming together of accepting heartache on Somebody Else and have had a good cry at how beautiful their favourite band are; and then… *can opens*. The unmistakeable sound of the start of Girls, a song that is utterly irreplaceable in the group’s live sets, and I don’t care how edgy you are, this song is a banger. Always has been, always will be.

19. I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes) – From A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships

Now I know it’s early days, but this really has the potential to be the band’s biggest coming together anthem. On the face of it, I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes) sounds like a proper wanky title that only someone like Matty Healy could go with; but the song itself holds such a poignant meaning and message of anti-suicide. I really feel it could save a lot of people.


20. The Sound – From I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it

Once the show stopped of the 1975’s tours, The Sound has aged like a fine wine. Arguably one of the biggest pop songs in their ever growing discography, it’d be a quality way to open an encore and get a crowd bouncing all over again.

21. Sex – From The 1975

Sex might be getting on a little bit coming from the bands first album, but as far is it goes for 1975 fans this is a timeless classic. It’s a serious anthem to see live thanks to it’s hefty guitar riffs and impassioned vocals. It’ll never not be good and The 1975 should play it as long as they are doing gigs.

22. Love It If We Made It – From A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships

A showstopper to end all showstoppers here. It’s the band at their most passionate, that’s how gigs should end for me. The 1975 have such a staggering platform to inspire change, and this song is at the centre of all of that. Not only is it the bands best song, it’s arguably their most important too, it’d be sensational live and it’d leave fans in absolute awe.



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