Ollie Walter – The Glam Tape: EP Review

At just 17 years old, Ollie Walter has released an EP that sounds far more mature. Based in Leeds, the EP was produced in his bedroom with a mic, guitar, and Logic Pro. The EP shows promise for Walter, who might seriously be a huge breakout act in the coming years, and he can’t even legally drink yet…

I’m hardly Anthony Fantano, but I like to think I’ve got a relatively good ear for when something’s good and something’s not.

My first listen of The Glam Tape brought me a pleasant surprise. At it’s core, the EP is easy going, open and honest. It begins with Intro, and straight away is a feature from Ben from Blaenavon, no messing.

Falling… features a really slick verse by Noah (@madebynoah) with Ollie on guitar. It’s really cool to see young people working together and producing some really quality music. With Walter being picked up by BBC Introducing in Leeds and Yorkshire, and getting radio play on BBC Radio Leeds, we could be looking at the beginning of a success story.

The production on the EP is pretty good considering it was produced in a bedroom, all the tracks come together well and are cohesive. The whole EP has a really satisfying sonic, it’s easy to listen too without just going over your head and doesn’t have the messy undertone that some self produced projects do.

For me the stand out on the EP is Letter to Home, where I think Ollie’s admiration for Frank Ocean really shows. The track is really sweet and simple, and shows that Ollie hasn’t just set out to throw together an EP and stick it on Soundcloud. Instead showcasing a talent for production and song writing, with a spoken word feature in the mix too.

The Glam Tape is a great first impression from a promising young artist.  The thing I like the most is that it’s not trying to do anything ground breaking, it’s just cool, simple pop music that’s been well produced. Not everything has to break boundaries. There’s more new music expected before the end of the year, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Ollie does next.

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