6ix9ine – DUMMY BOY: Album Review

Tekashi 6ix9ine is currently on trial and facing a 32 year jail sentence for crimes that include armed robbery and conspiracy to murder; but after this latest project I think we should add his crimes to the music industry to his growing rap sheet.

6ix9ine is a New York based rapper renowned for his aggressive sound and style as well as his obscure aesthetic, rocking face tattoos and multi-coloured hair. His 2017 breakout hit GUMMO gave everyone a taste of what they were in for with the controversial rapper’s sound and let’s just say it didn’t make for the most pleasant of listening. Soon followed his debut mixtape Day69 which got absolutely trashed and rightfully so, it was the longest 27 minutes of my life listening to it. And now, with more stirring issues and somehow a larger following, we come to DUMMY BOY.

This new project here has come out at the time when his name has never been mentioned more, not necessarily for good reasons at all. His criminal track record is alarming, varying from gang warfare to sexually inappropriate behaviour with a minor; so you wouldn’t be far off the mark to say he isn’t really a sweetheart. But what would the album sound like with all this attention now on him?

Let me start right off the bat here, this album absolutely sucks. Front to back it has little to no interest to me in just about any way. The fact that only one of these 12 songs doesn’t contain a feature should be the ultimate giveaway, 6ix9ine cannot structure a song well enough alone, he needs support to help him along the way. Kanye is on two songs here which seems like nothing more than 6ix9ine using Ye’s name for clout, and Ye using the trending topic of Soundcloud rap (much like he did with Lil Pump) to gain coverage. He, along with just about all the other features on here outshine the man who’s project it is, even Tory Lanez bodies him…

DUMMY BOY has been mixed absolutely appallingly, every song sounds battered and bruised but not by Tekashi’s aggressive delivery; but instead by the dumbed down, half-arsed recording of one of the most uninspired albums of the year. If it weren’t for one or two solid feature appearances and the occasional catchy beat drop, this thing would be completely unlistenable. 99% of this is just cheap knock offs blended for yet another controversial rapper who thinks he is changing the world one bad decision or immature bar at a time. Bobby Shmurda recorded a hard to absorb and understand small verse via a jailtime phone call and it STILL managed to outdo anything 6ix9ine could manage.

STOOPID is stupid, WAKA is wack, BEBE is painful, TIC TOC dragged on for eternity (ironically) and FEFE was pretty damn shitty. I guess the best way for me to sum up this album is to say that DUMMY BOY was crafted and released by a pretty dumb boy; whose only distinguishing longevity will be his criminal offences. It isn’t quite Imagine Dragons bad, but it is certainly on Russ and XXXTentacion level of garbage; a front runner for the worst hip-hop project of the year.

another fucking rating circle

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