Ranking The 1975’s A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships Singles

After months of promotion spanning half of the year, it’s finally time for The 1975’s A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships to be released. With the album dropping on the final day of November, we felt that it would be fitting to rank the five promotional singles that the band have released so far.


It hurts me to place this song bottom of the heap because of how damn enjoyable it is. The 1975 and No Rome came together to produce a dancehall track that’s disparate of anything we’ve ever heard from the Manchester group. Despite the upbeat and fun production, the tongue in cheek lyrics question the morality of those in the digital age.


4. It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)

Dubbed by Matty Healy as “The 1975iest The 1975 song since The 1975’s first album The 1975”, It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You) explores Healy’s heroine addiction in a staggeringly honest way. If you aren’t one for dissecting lyrics, you’ll find yourself engulfed in the songs upbeat production that ultimately makes this track a classic example of a 1975 bop.


3. Sincerity Is Scary

Personally, this is the most interesting release of the five singles for me. The 1975 often use whit and sarcasm in songs so when I first seen this songs title I assumed that’s where it was going. Obviously I was played a fool, this is genuine sincerity. Aside from the tracks endearingly honest lyrics, the production is silky smooth. The sweet sound of trumpets meshed with the off beat drum loop adds yet another layer to an incredibly dense song.


2. Give Yourself A Try

It was this addictive lo-fi piece that started six months of hype for the upcoming album. Give Yourself A Try was the doors opening to the new Music For Cars era, a completely new sound for the band that continue to improve and reinvent themselves. 80’s synth pop was traded in for a distorted, ceaseless riff as Healy delves deep into a self reflection session that everyone should try once in a while.


1. Love It If We Made It

Matt Healy’s most impassioned vocal ever? I’d say so. Love It If We Made It paints an alarmingly accurate picture of the modern world and it’s darkest issues whilst also painting an uplifting picture of positivity on the songs hook. Direct quotes from the POTUS along with constant references into the world we live in makes this personal to everyone. Beautiful delivery of these lyrics along with a stunning job on production could very well make this a classic that will be regarded as one of the greatest societal anthems of all time.

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