Earl Sweatshirt is BACK! Our Thoughts on New Single Nowhere2go

It has been three years since Odd Future alumi Earl Sweatshirt brought out his last album I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside; but he is finally back with a new song. Fans have been desperate for new Earl material for quite some time but after a turbulent time in his private life he has finally arrived with single Nowhere2go. Here’s our thoughts:

It is so damn good to hear from Earl again, guys. His 23 second feature verse on Vince Staples’ new album was hot and fresh with some cold delivery and introspection in the lyrics as well as crip gang affiliation. His recent battles with anxiety and coping with the death of his father have delayed his process, but it is evident that he has used this time off to further hone his artistic craft.

Nowhere2go is a smooth jam with some slick production and inventive sampling, but it’s Earl’s bars that steal the show as he opens up about his personal struggle. “Tryna refine this shit, I redefined myself, first I had to find it; I couldn’t find a friend, had to rely on my wits” spits Earl when discussing the crushing lows of his depression and suicidal tendencies. Once he gets that off his chest he goes for a “different approach” and states “I celebrate with a toast” and hearing this victorious side to the former Odd Future rapper’s music is so refreshing; Earl is back and isn’t playing any games in this rap scene.

This song is just bars on top of bars. No hook, no breakdown, no bridge, just rhymes. Just Earl doing what he does so well. With an album surely on the way off the back of this, we could be in store for something special. If it is at the standard of his previous two albums we are in for a treat; but something tells me Earl Sweatshirt is about to send a nuclear shockwave through the hip-hop community. Watch this space and of course, welcome back Thebe.

Listen to Nowhere2go here:

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