Top 10 Lil Uzi Vert Songs

Lil Uzi Vert has shot to prominence over the last couple of years thanks to his unique style and brand of pop-rap. He is an award-winning, platinum selling artist with an immensely bright future ahead of him, but what are the best tracks of his career so far?

10. Erase Your Social – from The Perfect LUV Tape

Lil Uzi Vert becomes king of advice on this The Perfect LUV Tape track as he tells us to Erase Your Social. It’s an early flex anthem about women, clout, fame and his talents in the rap game; utilising all of Uzi’s key attributes in abundance to create a radio-friendly anthemic banger. The hook is drawn out but catchy and he flows nicely over the glitzy production.

9. The Way Life Goes (feat. Oh Wonder & Nicki Minaj) – from LUV is Rage 2

Putting his own twist on Oh Wonder’s original track, Lil Uzi Vert offers us a quite beautiful song which shows fragility but in the best kind of way. It’s nothing too lyrically challenging but the words are very easily related to most people’s situations in failing relationships; so it was always going to be a well-received single. While it does touch on heartbreak, the most memorable lyric is without doubt “no I’m not a rat but I’m all about that cheddar”.

8. Do What I Want – from The Perfect LUV Tape

An absolutely ridiculous beat here, it sounds like something from another dimension. This song is all about Lil Uzi being in his own lane and doing, well, what he wants. It’s short but sweet and one of his first big moments of discussion from his The Perfect LUV Tape project. The hook is very repetitive but when he delivers it like that, does it really matter? The answer is no, by the way.

7. Two – from LUV is Rage 2

The opening track from his debut studio album LUV is Rage 2, this song is a space-age hit with toe-tapping credentials and some great vocal work over a wacky beat. There’s portions of the track where the flow is so awkward that it somehow works a treat and once he gets into the verse it is a deadly cadence. “Yeah the fame this life, it eats you up alive” is a brilliant line I took from this song that epitomises the creative direction of the project as a whole.

6. You Was Right – from Lil Uzi Vert vs. The World

Metro Boomin’s production behind an infectious Uzi vocal is always a recipe for success and You Was Right is no different. The beat has that classic trap hit sound and Uzi’s quirky hook becomes near impossible not to sing along to. What I love about this song is Uzi’s delivery where he says “you was right, I was wrong”, he just sounds so passive as though he is in an argument with this girl directly through the use of this song. We as a listener are all invited to this and it makes for a bopping listen.

5. Sauce It Up – from LUV is Rage 2

This song does exactly what the title suggests, Uzi sauces it up all over the place over this massive hit. The unidentified style he puts over this track is exactly why it’s so great, Sauce It Up manages to sound utterly unique while also demonstrating the core values of a quintessential pop-rap hit. Lil Uzi Vert’s ties with Satanism are a good meme but seem genuine when you hear his freaky deliveries on a song like this.

4. New Patek – Single

If you were to tell me that Lil Uzi Vert was going to release a six minute song I would have cringed at the very idea. He doesn’t come across as the kind of artist who can maintain the interest of a listener for that long; but New Patek proved he can do exactly that. The hook is melodic and catchy, his flow switch-ups are slick and he is lyrically hilarious at times, suggesting that you should “hit the shower you might stink”; genius. This looks like it could be his lead single from an upcoming project and if it’s a sign of things to come then we have plenty to look forward to.

3. Money Longer – from Lil Uzi Vert vs. The World

One of Uzi’s biggest breakout hits, Money Longer was his first platinum selling single thanks to the big beat and the impossibly catchy hook. It is the blueprint of a 21st century trap hit and the song that propelled Lil Uzi Vert into the mainstream music industry rather than just the new-wave rap genre. On the track Uzi talks about this rise to prominence and how his cars got faster, speakers got louder and, of course, his money got longer.

2. Ps & Qs – from Lil Uzi Vert vs. The World

When’s’a your Dolmio day? That’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the beat for Ps & Qs. It’s a funny meme listening to the production but in reality it makes for a fantastic instrumental and Uzi drips his personality and swagger all over this mixtape banger. It’s a song that looks at Uzi being a flex machine as he compares himself to another guy that this girl is interested in, implying that he doesn’t have the money or talent of himself. It’ll never not be a banger.

1. XO TOUR Llif3 – from LUV is Rage 2

Was there really any doubt? Dedicated to his time on the road supporting The Weeknd, it’s  a song that our co-founder Liam stated “will be wrote about in music history books”. XO TOUR Llif3 is perhaps one of the most essential rap songs of our time. The track has punchy vocal melodies, a glamorous trap beat and an infectious hook courtesy of Uzi; who oozes character on a heartfelt but slick anthem. Try and deny that his melody is anything other than mesmerising on this hit, I dare you.

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