Top 15 Aminé Songs

2017 XXL Freshmen Aminé has had quite the couple years. From his smash hit Caroline all the way to his second “EPLPMixtapeAlbum.” ONEPOINTFIVE, he’s shown his skill, diversity and some uncapped potential. Here’s our list Aminé’s best songs.

15. Money- from Good For You

Kicking off our top 15 with one of Aminé’s slickest beats in his discography. You’d only be normal to assume that a 2017 rap song titled Money would be a heavy, boujee track, but you’d be wrong. Aminé details the negatives of money throughout this silky track, how it changes people for the worse. It’s a thoughtful track that’s a quality way to kick off a list of brilliant songs.

14. Veggies ft. Ty Dolla $ign- from Good For You

The opening track to Aminé’s debut album Good For You. Everyone knows that veggies are good for you, but the song has very little do with food but rather how a struggling relationship ended in his meteoric rise to success. A pretty cool beat switch mid song plus the addition of Ty Dolla $ign makes this one of the more diverse songs in a discography full of diversity.

13. Wedding Crashers ft. Offset- from Good For You

A triumphant Aminé here as he spits about an ex lover on this upbeat track. Offset delivers his usual quality content proving once more he’s one of raps finest. The pair have amazing chemistry together and no question could make a million more songs this fun given the chance.

12. Campfire ft. Injury Reserve- stand-alone single

Aminé enlisted the help of Injury Reserve for this 2018 banger. The beat really lifts this song into a different level that it would’ve been, it sounds effortlessly cool as the duo glide over it. Perhaps it’s biggest flaw is the short length of the track that doesn’t allow the song to live up to it’s full potential.


An incredible tale of two halves here. RATCHET is a heavy rap tune that displays a much more macho man rap persona while the second half, SATURN GIRL, shows off an RnB style that’s much more intimate. Aminé showed incredible versatility on this track and on this album in general as he seamlessly merges a multitude of genres.


That multitude of genres gets an extra layer of depth with the closing track to ONEPOINTFIVE. Aminé gifts us with a rap/rnb blend with a soft beat and beautiful sample on the hook by L.A Priest. This deep cut shows Aminé at his most vulnerable on an album that shows the Portland rapper experimenting with different styles and sounds.

9. Dakota ft. Charlie Wilson- from Good For You

The first strong feature but not the last from Charlie Wilson here who absolutely smashes the hook of this song. It’s a solid intro from Aminé and a general solid display throughout as Aminé discusses his own loneliness which gives the audience a sense of humility from quite a comical and boujee character.

8. Spice Girl- from Good For You

A major nod to one of Aminé’s favourite groups here. The Spice Girls were the first gig Aminé had the pleasure of seeing to the point that he made a quality bop about the group. It was so Spice Girl orientated it had to actually be approved by each member of the group. Not only was it cleared but Mel B aka Scary Spice was apart of the music video, major clout.

7. DR. WHOEVER- from OnePointFive

Famous Vine/Youtuber Ricky Thompson comes in with a comical intro at the beginning of Aminé’s second project since stardom. DR. WHOEVER shows a reflective side to Aminé who raps about his mental health problems as he plays the roles of both patient and therapist. It certainly adds layers of depth to Aminé who shows off a different side while still being able to make a great song with a top notch beat.

6. Heebiejeebies ft. Kehlani- from Good For You

The chemistry here is off the charts on Aminé’s grooviest track to date. If you know me well you’ll know I’m a massive fan of men and women sharing a track, there’s something about the blend of voices that just sounds like all is right. That heavily applies to this dynamic pairing who bounce off each other on this Good For You bonus track.


I’m an absolute sucker for a flute beat so this is without question one of Aminé’s very best beats in his entire discography. That added with some boujee lyricism makes for an out and out banger. There’s no real deep content to this track but do we need that all the time? Can’t we just have fun on a flex track that slaps real hard.

4. Sundays- from Good For You

A much more slow paced and intimate track here as opposed to the usual uplifting tune. Taking samples from Drake’s Right Hand, Aminé softly raps about his complicated relationship with religion. Leon Bridges has a small yet fruitful appearance on the songs outro to add an extra layer to one of Aminé’s most distinctive tracks. It’s a testament to Aminé and shows the Portland rapper has bags of quality no matter what the mood is.

3. Caroline- from Good For You

The song that brought Aminé to the forefront of rap right here. It’s without question his most viral hit as well as his highest charting single to date and it’s pretty clear to see why. The catchy delivery of the quite comical lyrics makes this a memorable song for any rap fan to divulge in time and again. Caroline feels like it’ll never age to me, without question a song that’ll stand the test of time when it comes to big bops. It might be his most successful song but it’s not quite his best.

2. Turf ft. Charlie Wilson- from Good For You

Much like Sundays, Turf has that unique diversity to it that makes it stand out as a song that shows just how good Aminé really is. Charlie Wilson delivers a stunning outro which adds a beautiful blend to Aminé’s deep verses about moving away from his home.  The strong bridge discussing the topic of age is something anyone aged from 18-26 could easily relate to. The idea of flying the nest and growing up is a terrifying thought that often gets swept under the rug so this is by far one of Aminé’s most empathetic songs, if not THE most.

1. REDMERCEDES- stand-alone single

How this wasn’t a major single as part of Good For You I’ll never know. Aminé dishes out his very best flow on the second half of this promotional single as he effortlessly glides over an infectious beat. It would make any Aminé album a stronger album and while it missed the album cut, I’ll never forget this quality banger and it’s bat shit crazy video.

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