Top 40 Travis Scott Songs

Travis Scott has garnered quite the fanbase in his relatively short time in the commercial music scene, generating rave reviews and critical acclaim for his five projects (two mixtapes and three albums). These are his 40 best songs according to us at Viberant, including hits and deep cuts from all of his releases:

40: Days Before Rodeo: The Prayer – from Days Before Rodeo

WondaGurl and Travis Scott combine on this opener from Trav’s second mixtape Days Before Rodeo, utilising organs in the production to give the sense of religious imagery over not only this track but the album as a whole. Days Before Rodeo: The Prayer is basically Travis’ way of blessing his own work and giving us a flavour of what is to come; it just so happens that this introductory song also slaps very hard.

39: WATCH ft. Lil Uzi Vert & Kanye West – stand-alone single

In anticipation of ASTROWORLD releasing, Travis Scott brought out a thrillride rollercoaster of a trap hit with Lil Uzi Vert and Kanye West. All three vibe and flow off the wild beat brilliantly, particularly the chemistry between Trav and Uzi on the hook and Kanye on his utterly batshit crazy verse. Despite not making the album’s tracklist, it more than warrants a place on the list of La Flame’s best songs.

38: beibs in the trap ft. NAV – from Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight

Still to this day the only great thing NAV has ever done, the hook on beibs in the trap remains as infectious as any in a rap song in recent years; meanwhile Travis Scott adds a trippy spaced-out vocal melody for his verse on one of his sleepiest bangers that never fails to impress.

37: Mamacita ft. Young Thug & Rich Homie Quan – from Days Before Rodeo

Taking influence from prog-rock in thrashing guitar samples and moody melody, Mamacita is a regular stalwart in the Travis Scott live show arsenal and it is plain to see why. A punchy hook between both Scott and Rich Homie Quan as well as a typically brilliant, unique feature from Young Thug makes this song what it is, a pure banger.

36: Pray 4 Love ft. The Weeknd – from Rodeo

Pray 4 Love is a grimy but stunning trap anthem with distorted bass drums and it puts on an absolute clinic in vocal editing through The Weeknd’s huge hook. It also provides some of Trav’s best bars and cold flows on a culture-pushing bass bop. It fits the concept of Rodeo like a glove and shines through as an example of the chemistry between Abel and Jacques.

35: coordinate ft. Blac Youngsta – from Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight

The beat on this song is absolute filth. It jumps out for all to see in comparison to most of the polished sounds on Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight and appears to pay homage to more of a throwback Travis Scott sound. It wouldn’t be amiss on his earlier mixtapes but does stand tall as one of the best songs on BITTSM. Plus, Blac Youngsta’s ‘feature’ if you wish to call it that is pretty funny.

34: Qunitana Pt. 2 ft. T.I. – from Days Before Rodeo

Travis Scott was T.I.’s pet project in the early years of Trav’s career and this was one of the final blessings he gave the Houston rapper before letting him spread his wings and move into the big leagues. Quintana Pt. 2 is, as you’d expect, a follow up from one of Scott’s breakout hits (Quintana) from Owl Pharaoh, and I feel as though the sequel is the superior of the two thanks to the finesse in the verses coinciding with the 80’s style synth lines in the beat.

33: Sloppy Toppy ft. Migos & Peewee Longway – from Days Before Rodeo

Travis Scott and the Migos have a long-standing working relationship, continually making fire tracks for each other’s projects. Sloppy Toppy stands as another example of this as well as having an utterly hilarious title; while Trav typically runs the show on this song it has to be mentioned just how great the verses of Offset and Takeoff are here. Not to mention the fact that Quavo’s hook is great and even Peewee Longway, who has done next to nothing since this feature, sounds decent.

32: Pornography – from Rodeo

What is better than a spoken word prologue from T.I.? The answer, after listening to this, is nothing. Pornography is the opener on Rodeo and it brings us all into the world of not just Travis Scott, but his real life name Jacques Webster. Once the song itself kicks in you hear a very melodic but trippy vocal delivery in what on the surface appears a messy track given the mass variety of switch ups.

31: wonderful ft. The Weeknd – from Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight

Released some six months before Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight, it was somewhat of a pleasant surprise to see this song appear as the album finale, but we are all glad for it’s presence. It offers one of Trav’s best hooks and it sounds that extra level above when you hear The Weeknd’s pitched vocals on it. Serving as a true understated bop, this track ticks 99% of the boxes.

30: Drive ft. James Fauntleroy – from Owl Pharaoh

Drive is one of Travis’ most daring lyrical ventures to date, discussing the idea of driving under the influence while also contemplating life as an entity. The cassette flips that feature throughout the song are Travis trying to find a song he can vibe to in his car, but instead choosing to create his own track; hence the birth of Drive. James Fauntleroy adds beautiful character and harmony to this song, working as a ying & yang with the drum-heavy production.

29: CAROUSEL ft. Frank Ocean – from ASTROWORLD

On the second track from ASTROWORLD, Travis Scott recruits help from Frank Ocean to create a dream collaboration and the results are as were to be expected, pure fire. Travis rides the beat brilliantly with nice cadence and bouncy wordplay, while Frank sings his heart out in a rap-style verse/hook combo that demonstrates all that is great about Frank Ocean. An essential key to the album’s concept of theme parks and rollercoaster imagery.

28: Modern Slavery – from Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho

The saving grace from a very mediocre collaborative project between Travis Scott and Migos member Quavo; Modern Slavery is everything you want from both of these rappers and more. Travis hits insane melody, Quavo’s hook is punchy and witty while the sampling of Otis Redding is an absolute masterstroke; if only the whole project sounded like this…

27: Flying High ft. Toro y Moi – from Rodeo

An unusual but marvellous combination on this track, Toro y Moi’s influence on Flying High offers one of the softest moments on Rodeo despite still sticking to the typical trap-style lyrical structure of getting high and flexing. Instrumentally the song is regal and joyous with a great bounce to it from two of my favourite artists; bringing out the best elements of one another.

26: A-Team – stand-alone single

Released as a stand-alone single between Rodeo and Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight, there was a genuine buzz surrounding A-Team for it’s understated stylistic aspect of the trap genre. The hook is repetitive and blends as the main formula of the song, but it is so good and catchy that it becomes hard to fault. This was obviously just to maintain clout on the Travis Scott brand before his next release, but it certainly did the trick.

25: Don’t Play  ft. Big Sean & The 1975- from Days Before Rodeo

One of Travis’ most intriguing and puzzling collaborations came from this Days Before Rodeo single, calling on the help of British band The 1975 for the hook and backing track of Don’t Play. Creating a sub-sample of their own track M.O.N.E.Y, the band bring a fresh flavour to this anthem while Trav serves up a cold verse with quick flows and pulsing pitch changes. Big Sean’s verse is kinda corny but it adds something extra to the track without damaging it too much.

24: the ends  ft. Andre 3000 – from Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight

Without doubt one of the standouts from Trav’s second studio album, the ends has a dirty, underground atmosphere in the production which Scott intertwines with hauntingly well in his vocal melodies. Offering a fire verse of his own was enough for this track to be a banger, but the surprise feature from Andre 3000 makes this all the more amazing; showing that these two have an intriguing amount of chemistry.

23: Wasted ft. Juicy J – from Rodeo

How Travis Scott managed to get a verse like this out of Juicy J in 2015 is beyond me, but my god does he set Wasted alight. Travis’ hook is anthemic and almost beautiful despite the lyrical content, but once Juicy J hops on the beat it raises the bar. His choppy flow crushes the brilliantly sampled beat and provides one of the best feature performances on any Travis Scott song ever.

22: Bad Mood / Shit On You – from Owl Pharaoh

Named after a line from a Kid Cudi deep cut, Bad Mood / Shit On You stands tall as the finest work from Travis’ debut project Owl Pharaoh thanks to it’s layered structure and gritty attitude. The track is basically two songs sewn together effortlessly to create a mood board of anger and vengeance, also offering up time for some slick vocal additions from James Fauntleroy in the outro. This is a cut that everyone needs to hear, especially the switch up into Shit On You.

21: Skyfall ft. Young Thug – from Days Before Rodeo

Perhaps not your typical expectancy of a Travis Scott x Young Thug collaboration but Skyfall is a mysterious, ominous anthem with the limelight firmly on Travis and his melodies. He sings about being “trapped in my conscious” as he looks at older artists who he feels can no longer connect with the younger generation; instead nominating himself for the new hero of the youth. Metro Boomin works wonders on the beat and the song’s meaning remains more and more poignant the bigger Travis’ name becomes.

20: goosebumps ft. Kendrick Lamar – from Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight

Perhaps the biggest hit in the Travis Scott discography, goosebumps serves as the last ride on his live shows and always causes complete and utter carnage. The song was once performed live 27 times in a row by La Flame and each time the crowd went wild, that’s the power this track has. Travis’ hook is infectious and bouncy, his flow in the verse is grand and Kendrick’s feature is quirky and typically brilliant; all round banger.


As you will have discovered from this list, Travis Scott is utterly phenomenal at crafting together opening tracks for his projects. He clearly sees them as integral moments that will help introduce his creative direction to listeners, and STARGAZING is the finest example of this. Trav welcomes you aboard the wild ride of ASTROWORLD with a spaced-out bop before switching the beat with authority and exploding on an amped-up beat with perhaps his best verse on the whole album.

18: Nightcrawler ft. Chief Keef & Swae Lee – from Rodeo

One of the hypest songs of his career, Travis Scott combines with Rae Sremmurd’s Swae Lee and trap icon Chief Keef for the ridiculously lit song Nightcrawler. The mix of Swae Lee’s high-pitched harmonies, Travis Scott’s autotuned deep melody and Chief Keef’s gritty bars makes for such a great listen, particularly when Keef speaks about eating “Korean spicy garlic” for his lunch; nice choice.

17: Maria I’m Drunk ft. Young Thug & Justin Bieber – from Rodeo

This song became somewhat of a myth after it was released, with it being bizarrely left off Rodeo on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. The reason why is unknown but the fact of the matter is that this song slaps very very hard. Young Thug and Travis Scott’s connection on tracks shines on here, especially thanks to Thugger’s faded hook repetition; while Justin Bieber serves a cold verse on top of an already stellar track.

16: sdp interlude ft. Cassie – from Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight

A song comprising of the words “smoke some, drink some, pop one” on repeat for about two and a half minutes; how on earth is it this good? sdp interlude is a trippy, psychedelic experience with magnificent production and brilliant vocal pitching from Travis and the female guest vocalist Cassie. I don’t think I can truly describe how much I enjoy this as an interlude, it could well be one of my favourite interlude tracks ever made.

15: through the late night ft. Kid Cudi – from Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight

On through the late night Travis Scott got to work with his musical hero and the man he got one half of his stage name from, Kid Cudi. Jacques and Scott bounce off this beat with seamless continuity and demonstrate the immense chemistry the duo have, something which must have felt like a dream come true for La Flame. The hook slaps, Cudi’s hums are immense and Trav starting his verse with the lyrics to Kid Cudi’s classic hit Day N Nite is incredible.

14: ASTROTHUNDER ft. John Mayer & Thundercat – from ASTROWORLD

In this edition of ‘strange but intriguing Travis Scott collaborations’; we see Trav join forces with mastermind producer and bass guitarist Thundercat and iconic singer/songwriter John Mayer for an anthemic bop full of ethereal atmosphere and futuristic sounds. “Feels like the life I need’s a little distant” raps Travis as he soothes his way over a gorgeous guitar infused instrumental, offering us all the brilliance of the aforementioned collaborators.

13: Oh My Dis Side ft. Quavo – from Rodeo

This track is a truly mesmerising one, breaking into two parts that could be separately titled as Oh My and Dis Side given their sonic differences. The song hits home about how faded Travis and Quavo feel and how long they’ve been partying hard, yet it still managed to sound inventive; going that extra mile from the typical trap blueprint. The hook is snappy and the duo’s respective performances in the verses are killer.

12: STOP TRYING TO BE GOD ft. Kid Cudi, James Blake & Stevie Wonder – from ASTROWORLD

A song that challenges those around Travis in the industry to leave their god complexes at the door, STOP TRYING TO BE GOD stands as evidence of Travis Scott’s magnificent melody. When he nails it, he REALLY nails it. This five minute plus track contains rhythmic hums from Kid Cudi, a gorgeous harmonica piece from none other than Stevie Wonder, and a blissful climax from James Blake; I really couldn’t ask for much more.

11: Piss On Your Grave ft. Kanye West – from Rodeo

There are many comparisons drawing Travis Scott to the rock & roll attitudes of classic bands such as the Sex Pistols and the Rolling Stones, I feel as though a song like this is the perfect embodiment of such a claim. Teaming with Kanye West here, Piss On Your Grave is as punk-rock as it gets in modern day rap music, using crashing cymbals and distorted bass wobbles over angsty guitar riffs, the duo go crazy on this short but sweet banger.

10: Impossible – from Rodeo

“Nights like this I wish I could do the impossible” stands tall as one of Travis’ most poignant lyrics of his career, as it uses layered meaning to convey a multitude of possibilities. The track itself is trippy and experimental, with Trav’s vocals sounding almost strained and stuttery at times; but the way he uses effect and pitch to display his mental state vocally is utterly admirable. I feel as though if this beat had the tiniest bit more punch to it then this song would’ve been rubbing shoulders with the very best, but a top 10 spot is more than deserved.


The final stop on the ASTROWORLD journey, COFFEE BEAN is a vulnerable side to Travis Scott that we very rarely see. Collaborating with producer Nineteen85 for this understated but gorgeous beat, Trav spits about his relationship with Kylie Jenner; looking at how they were both perceived, his fears that people wouldn’t trust him and the eventual joy they had with their daughter Stormi. An immensely personal song with heart and emotion, this is a very welcome change of pace and demonstrates his wonderful diversity as an artist.

8: Apple Pie – from Rodeo

Entirely produced by Travis himself, Apple Pie is somewhat of an anomaly on Rodeo in terms of personnel, it focuses more on Trav as an all-encompassing artist. He shows off his ability with creating a stellar hook, great flow switch-ups on his verses as well as his production skills in chopping up beats. What stands out most to me with this track is the lyrical content as he uses the metaphor of “Apple Pie” to say that he can now fend for himself and doesn’t need the help of others to get to where he wants.

7: 3500 ft. 2 Chainz & Future – from Rodeo

Clocking in at over seven and a half minutes in length, 3500 is a Travis Scott hit for the ages. It contains the lit nature of Trav’s trap roots as well as the mystique of his experimental, prog-rock influences. It manages to hype you up beyond belief with fire verses from Future and 2 Chainz, a phenomenal hook from La Flame himself and a bass heavy beat; but it also mellows you down with a staggered low-fi outro. The Mike Dean influence is felt on the production and it is a shining example of the brilliance that can be created when Dean and Scott hit the studio together.

6: SICKO MODE ft. Drake – from ASTROWORLD

A superstar collaboration with Drake just misses out on our top five; SICKO MODE is three songs moulded into one with sharp beat changes and slick flows. It is easily the biggest hit from Trav’s latest album ASTROWORLD, partly from the Drake effect and mainly due to the commercial smash sound it possesses. Travis Scott murders his part of the track with cold bars and a devastating beat before Drake provides that now infamous line about popping a Xanax on a flight to help him sleep.

5: Antidote – from Rodeo

Face it, as soon as you hear “don’t you open up that window” in those sweet autotuned tones, you know it is about to go down. This is, for me, Travis’ best animalistic hype song for the sheer memorability of the lyrics and that huge distortion on the grimy beat. It doesn’t take a genius to work out why this became the biggest hit from Rodeo, I mean just listen to it. Insanely catchy, I rate this as the blueprint for a boom blast trap hit.

4: pick up the phone ft. Young Thug & Quavo – from Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight

A song I have often referred to as the holy grail of trap anthems, the trifecta of Travis, Young Thug and Quavo will always strike gold together on a track; but nothing quite like pick up the phone. Travis’ hook on this the best of his career, the beat is pure hype and all three bring their absolute A-game; this song is so good that it appeared on both Travis Scott’s and Young Thug’s album. It was simply too fire to leave out.

3: SKELETONS ft. Tame Impala, Pharrell Williams & The Weeknd – from ASTROWORLD

Travis Scott has always made it unequivocally clear how much he admires Kevin Parker aka Tame Impala, so when presented with the chance to work with him on ASTROWORLD he of course grasped it. Combine the majestic production work of both Parker and Pharrell Williams with the vocal harmonies of The Weeknd and Travis, and this is the kind of beauty you’ll create. I love the psych twists on this track and the styles of all the artists involved are brought together gorgeously to blend into one great song.

2: Drugs You Should Try – from Days Before Rodeo

Upon hearing this song for the first time I knew Travis Scott was special, I knew he was unique and I knew he would become a hue player in the hip-hop genre. His prog influences shine through on this understated but melodic banger, sounding like the trap Pink Floyd and oozing charisma on one of his most innovative beats. The song title is suggestive in itself and while there are obvious links to drug lifestyle, there are also deeper meanings of self-worth and love intertwined into this anthemic, moody masterpiece.

1: 90210 ft. Kacy Hill – from Rodeo

The immortal Travis Scott song. There is literally nothing on earth to convince me that 90210 isn’t one of the greatest songs of our generation. It follows the narrative of chasing the lifestyle; craving drugs, fame and women of the night in a dark and distorted opener. The gritty trap drums in the first half of the track provide real mystique and atmosphere to the song’s entire context, before a sudden switch-up that has beautifully reverbed guitar riffs and a chopped-up piano sample of Kanye’s Family Business. The sound is staggering and Travis’ verses are angelic, easily his most personal work to date and without doubt the standout moment of Jacques Webster’s career.

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