Weekly Singles Roundup: 1st October- 7th October

After a brief hiatus, our weekly singles roundup is back again after a stellar week of big name releases including Anderson .Paak, Dave and Charli XCX

Anderson .Paak ft. Kendrick Lamar- Tints- 9/10

Anderson .Paak is back with the successor to Viberant’s best song of the first half of 2018, Bubblin’. His latest track, Tints, shows why Paak is a jack of all trades as he switched from a rap demon into an RnB star as his funky voice glides over a groovy beat that’s cool enough to make his biggest haters boogie away. Kendrick’s guest verse adds star power and a rap edge that Paak chose to neglect on this occasion. Both Bubblin’ and Tints show why Paak is a force to be reckoned with, when his album drops expect fireworks.

Charli XCX ft. Troye Sivan- 1999- 8.5/10

And with the click of her fingers Charli XCX has made yet another bop. Jam packed with 90’s nostalgia from the album artwork to the lyrics, Charli and collaborator Troye Sivan have managed to make a super fun and slick track that screams party right in your face. It’s as addictive as they come and quite clearly one of the best releases of last week.

Dave ft. Fredo- Funky Friday- 7.5/10

South London born Santan Dave has once more shown maturity and skill beyond his years with his latest track Funky Friday. It’s addictive as it comes with a catchy hook and solid bars from both men. Furthermore Dave had a say in the production of the song and direction of the music video showing his evolution more and more with each passing track.

Duckwrth- Soprano- 6.5/10

One the most underrated rappers in the game is back again with another single from his upcoming project. A lowkey piano instrumental opens the song as Duckwrth slowly intensifies adding a funky beat. The song clearly improves the longer it goes but if he wants to match his previous work he might need that extra bit of fire power.

Halsey- Without Me- 2/10

I really don’t know why I could ever expect this to be anything but bad. Without Me appears to be a song about Halsey’s ex G-Eazy who just so happens to be as trash as herself. It sounds like every other song in her discography but this time it’s aimed towards a rapper, hardly the most interesting piece in the world and one I’ll never optionally listen to again.

Jaden Smith- Goku- 5.5/10

If you know me then you know I’m an advocate for all things Jaden Smith, but it’s hard to fully defend this one. The strange instrumental doesn’t quite match the electronic beat and some of the lyrics are quite simply bizarre such as the classic line “my credit card didn’t go through, I’m ballin’ I feel like Goku.”  At the very least this track is lighthearted and fun but by no means would I put it on my favourite rap playlists.


Joji ft. Clams Casino- Can’t Get Over You- 8.5/10

When will Joji make a song that isn’t amazing? He’s slowing becoming a big part of my daily playlists, and this is one of the biggest additions yet. The fresh and fluid production makes this a song that has eternal replay value. It’s just shy of two minutes which makes me sad considering how amazing it is, guess I’ll just have to play it on repeat.

Lil Pump ft. Lil Uzi Vert- Multi Millionaire- 6.5/10

Ending the list this week is two of raps hottest properties, Pump X Uzi. It’s exactly what you’d expect from the combo, it’s adlib heavy and about as fun as it comes. Uzi quite clearly smokes Pump on his guest verse, but then again maybe I’m just the worlds biggest Uzi stan

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