Russ – Zoo: Album Review

One of raps most hated men is back with his second album, Zoo. I’m not going to lie I do hate Russ’ previous music and in general his personality, but I did very much go into this project with an open mind like I do with every project.

I’ve got to admit it, I’m a sucker for a flute infused rap beat, Portland, Mask Off, Reel It In just to name a few. So I see that track one on this album is called The Flute Song and I thought at the very least I’ll love the beat. Let me set the record straight for you all, this is the worst flute beat since Future made it big. Russ has took one of my favourite things in a production aspect and really cheapened it, add that his vocals as always sucked and you’ve instantly got a terrible opener to the album.

Missin You Crazy is likely to be one of the biggest tracks from this album despite being one of the very worst tracks. It’s a disgustingly watered down bootleg Post Malone mixed with The Plain White T’s on a bad day. It feels that disingenuous that I don’t connect with the lyrics on any level at all.

Reading through the track list there was one glaring standout track, Last Forever features two legends of the game in Rick Ross and Snoop Dogg. Rick Ross in particular is one of my favourite features in music, so it’s no surprise this is one of my favourite tracks, but is that praise going to Russ or Rick? I’ll leave that to the reader’s common sense.

Lyrically there’s nothing on this album, it’s materialistic and aggressive but really over nothing. It reminds me of our most recent failure, Eminem’s Kamakaze, but believe it or not it’s actually worse. Having received a lot of hate from critics, rappers, and a lot of fans who were back to their memeing ways, it seems Russ has somehow become even more bitter than before.

If I’m being honest I think this is the curtain call for Russ. He was number one on his debut album and number four with this one. Unless you’re a heavy hitter rap doesn’t have a lot of longevity, and Russ is about to get lost in the pack. There’s a lack of any major personality on this album, Russ hasn’t got the lyrics, the production or the delivery to make anything that particularly above average, at his very best Russ has created a couple songs here that are okay but ultimately fall flat, and that’s genuinely the biggest compliment he’ll get from me.

another fucking rating circle


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