Weekly Singles Roundup: 3rd September – 9th September

What a weird old week in the world of music. Full of glorious highs like Kanye’s return all the way to the devastating lows regarding Mac Miller. Here is our best and worst singles of the week.

Kanye West ft. Lil Pump- I Love It- 9/10

Hear me out please before you judge our track of the week. Is this the best lyrical display of all time? Nope. Is it one of the best produced and most well delivered tracks? Nope. But is it one of the funnest and addictive tracks of 2018? Absolutely. Not everything in the world needs to be a creative piece of conscious brilliance, let’s have some fun and not question why. Pump and Kanye debuted this big track at the Kanye curated Pornhub awards, proving once and for all that we definitely live in a simulation.


Dizzee Rascal ft. Skepta- Money Right- 8.5/10

Any normal week this is easily the biggest talking point in terms of new singles. Arguably the two greatest UK rappers of all time joined forces to give us one of the coldest rap songs of the year. Both Dizzee and Skepta gift us with some vicious bars and a killer flow, ultimately proven once again why they are the two biggest rappers to ever grace the UK.


Ezra Collective ft. Jorja Smith- Reason In Disguise- 8/10

five piece group Ezra Collective pair their new wave jazz with Jorja Smiths outstanding vocals to give us one beautiful and rare blend. Smith’s vocal display was as stunning as we’ve come to expect from the rising star, particularly towards the end of the song as both she and the instrumental’s intensify.


T.I ft. Meek Mill- Jefe- 6/10

Fresh of signing a new deal with Epic Records, T.I is back and he’s brought Meek Milly with him, and that’s part of the problem on this song. While Meek certainly isn’t bad on the track, it feels very much like anything you’ve heard Meek do before. I suppose the same goes for T.I, it’s not a terrible performance but it feels like something I’ve heard before from them. The beat itself is a unique one and certainly not conventional for 2018 rap.


Machine Gun Kelly- Rap Devil- 4/10

MGK’s rap diss racked up 55 million Youtube views in a week which can pretty much be attributed to Eminem more so than MGK. It’s not great, there’s some truth to some of the bars and some nasty lines, but a lot of the content is a bit cringey and the hook is genuinely awful. It’s a nice attempt and certainly got MGK some clout, but realistically he’s never going to match Eminem.


Silk City ft. Dua Lipa- Electricity 3/10

Diplo and Mark Ronson have merged to create a supergroup titled Silk City. Their first single has been released with Dua Lipa, and to me that comes as no surprise. Despite the bundles of talent between the three I knew before hearing this track it’d be a bland single used to promote all three and make big wads of cash. You might not agree with me but this track is boring as is the people involved in the track. I don’t represent chart music or what it stands for, and Dua Lipa is one of the biggest cogs in the machine, constantly churning out average songs with no real creativity.

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