Eminem- Kamikaze: Album Review

Last week we got a surprise album drop from Eminem who released his 10th studio album, titled Kamikaze. Social media blew up in a big way because of the surprise element. Some maybe blew up because it’s littered with disses, but I blew up for much more than that.

From start to finish the general theme of the album is Eminem wilin’ out. It didn’t matter if you were POTUS Donald Trump or if you were the spearhead of the new era of rap, he was coming for you. But truthfully, it just comes across as bitter. It’s an old man who’s 15 years past his prime and trying to stay relevant. Dissing Lil Yachty, Lil Pump and Lil Xan in one track doesn’t make you cool. I suppose it’s made him relevant, I mean he is trending on Twitter after all, but would you want to be relevant in such a bad way?

Another theme of the album is Eminem biting back at his haters who mocked his woeful attempt at a comeback last year with Revival. Here’s a question I want you to think about. What’s a better way to silence the critics? Make a really good album or diss every single critic on a bad album? Em’s added fuel to the fire of his rapidly fading legacy.

Joyner Lucas was enlisted on track three Lucky You, and it soon dawned on me just how bad this was getting, it was the cherry on the top of your Da’s cake if I’m being honest. Em took the easy route on track five, Fall, as he takes shots at Drake for ghost writing. WOW, you mean to tell me another rapper is using Drake’s fame to try and get some more fame? It wasn’t a good diss, it’s basic and it’s something we’ve heard a million times, everyone should move on from the ghost writing talk.

How do you take a bad album and make it that bit worse? You make homophobic slurs and pretend it’s still 2002. His diss of Tyler the Creator missed the mark and really shouldn’t exist.

Image result for eminem 2018

What better way to diss the new wave than imitate them with his irrelevant collaborator Royce Da 5’9″. Not Alike is yet another boring diss as Em’s hook steals the flow of The Migos and the beat is reminiscent of Drake. Oh and he disses Machine Gun Kelly here too, lovely.

There are some positives, though. I can say that his voice is a lot better than it was on Revival and it could definitely draw comparisons to his hayday in that respect. There were glimpses of that uniqueness that made him so good in the early 2000s and had the content of this album not been so annoying, we could’ve had a half decent album. To cut a long story short, his delivery improved but his lyrics worsened.

But that’s about it. Really this album is just a tad better than his previous but it’s still pretty bad. Em is an old man in a young man’s game and he hasn’t kept up with the times. He’s such a bitter person and it’s costing him in a big way. He reminds me of an old man who tells kids to get off his lawn as he pops their ball, a real dick. He can’t let go and it’s going to cost him a legacy that he worked hard to build.


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