Weekly Single Roundup: August 27th – September 2nd

We took a break in bringing you our weekly singles roundup because of our Odd Future themed fortnight, but that’s over and done with and normality has resumed. This weeks singles roundup features tracks from No Rome, Scarlxrd and Chase & Status.

AJ Tracey- LO(V/S)ER- 5/10

AJ Tracey is back with yet another average release to add to his fine collection of average releases. Some of the lyrics are the exact same as his previous slightly above average track Pasta, so not only is he dropping average tracks, it’s something we’ve actually heard before. His verses are certainly a lot colder than the sub par hook, but all in all it’s really nothing special.


Boogie- Deja Vu- 6/10

Westside Boogie is back with another short release titled Deja Vu. The mellow rap tune is presumably the second single taken from his upcoming album SELF. If this is some of the best from the album don’t expect a special album but don’t expect a flop either. This track merely shows glimpses of quality content but all in all is just slightly above the average and much less than I know Boogie is capable of.


Chase & Status- Retreat2018- 6/10

Chase & Status are back with a bang as they released a pair of singles last week. The first of which features sampling of Cutty Ranks, a Jamaican dancehall artist who featured on a C&S hit song International. It’s certainly a decent bop, but it gets better than that with their second single.


Chase & Status- Heater- 7/10

The second track of the two released by C&S is the one that really stole the show. It’s ferocious throughout and a little bit more intense than that of Retreat2018. There’s great buildups that lead to some pretty cool drops. It’s a fun track, a low to mid 7/10 seems fitting.


No Rome ft. The 1975- Narcissist- 8.5/10

A dream collab as No Rome enlisted the help of The 1975 for his most recent single Narcissist. It’s by far our favourite track of last week for a number of reasons. Its smooth and silky production suits both No Rome and Matty Healy’s voices to a T. There’s a sample of Jay Park in here and all in all it’s one hell of an easy listen. There will be a review of No Rome’s EP RIP Indo Hisashi coming soon so keep an eye out for that.


Scarlxrd- Tell Me Yxu Lxve Me- 7/10

First off let me tell you that I just recently seen Scarlxrd live and I can honestly say I’ve never seen something so heavy in my life. The blend of trap rap and heavy metal is a little bit less apparent on this track than on others as the rapping element gets pushed into the background a little bit. Lyrically this is as dark as Scarlxrd has gone, perhaps the lyrics fit the style that little bit more. This one is a low 7/10 but it’s questionable if Scarlxrd can ever really break past that barrier.


Twenty One Pilots- My Blood- 7.5/10

I never thought I’d see the day but Twenty One Pilots have dropped a banger here. I was very skeptical about it, but upon hearing it’s funky hook and upbeat production I was actually pretty addicted. On this occasion I’ll have to swallow my pride and say it, this is pretty damn good.


Yungen ft. Craig David- Intimate 4/10

Yungen has enlisted the help of Craig David for his latest track but unfortunately it misses the mark for me. I don’t know if it’s just me but Craig David just really doesn’t do it for me anymore, he’s had plenty of bangers in his time but I don’t think it’s his time anymore. This track just feels bland and a little bit outdated, it’s all a little bit off.

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