Top 10 Odd Future Member Features

Between all the members of Odd Future we’ve witnessed some of this decades very best rap and RnB albums. We’ve seen Blonde, Doris and Ego Death, but we’ve also had the pleasure of listening to a plethora of features from members of the group. Here’s our top 10 Odd Future Features.

10. Tyler, the Creator- After The Storm

Kicking things off with a more recent one here. It’s become common to see Tyler and Kali Uchis working together at this point, but this was the first time Tyler had featured on a Kali song rather than the other way around. It’s a quick verse that’s full to the brim of witty lyrics from lines about Rihanna Umbrella to his own album Flower Boy all the way to the Jackson 5.

9. Frank Ocean- She

It seems like an eternity ago that Tyler was dropping such dark lyricism on Goblin. A much younger Frank dropped a rare rap verse that could more than match the verse of Tyler. Along with that Frank gifted us with a killer hook that made for easily the best song on the album, when Frank put his name on something you best believe it’s going to be top of the heap.

8. Frank Ocean- Slide

A fresh collab here that worked wonders. Calvin Harris enlisted the help of Frank Ocean and the Migos for his 2017 hit which ultimately became a summer bop for the ages. Frank was on the hook for Calvin’s funky beat as well as one super cool verse. The Migos did the rest of the work and it really did result in one of the best songs of last year.

7. Tyler, the Creator- Trouble On My Mind

Pusha T and Tyler is a beautiful pairing that’d I’d love to see again at some point but until then we can all just bump this masterpiece. Tyler got two verses on this King Push joint and made the most of it as he dropped his classic Tyler bars. To be working on a track with Pusha and a track that was produced by The Neptunes must have been Tyler’s dream.

6. Tyler, the Creator- Telephone Calls

A$AP Rocky once said that when Tyler raps with him that his game improves, that’s never been more apparent than on Telephone Calls. Tyler goes as hard as he has ever gone on this turn up track as he gifts us an insane verse with a quality flow. He bodies everyone on the track and once again showcased his pure rap skills that are often replaced with a more low key vibe.

5. Earl Sweatshirt- New Faces 

The first Earl feature on our list but certainly not our last Earl Feature. Earl took the first minute and a half of this Mac Miller bop and turned into his own bop. A minute and a half verse is something pretty special when you can maintain that killer flow and fill that time with quality content, and that’s exactly what Earl did in 2013.

4. Frank Ocean- RAF

The A$AP Mob brought us a star studded lineup for RAF that included Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi Vert, Quavo and of course Frank Ocean. There’s two versions of this track, the first version (the better version) gives us a rare showcase of Frank’s solid bars which is always a pleasure, he can spit with the best of them so RAF was always going to be near the top.

3. Earl Sweatshirt- Super Rich Kids

Two Odd Future members here as Earl hopped on Frank’s track Super Rich Kids in 2012. Earl took center stage and completely stole the show with his killer flow and one of the best rhyme schemes rap has ever witnessed. It was a big eye opener to a lot of fans who realised there and then that Earl is one of the very best rappers in the game.

2. Frank Ocean- No Church In The Wild

An instant classic right here. How can you make a Kanye West and Jay-Z joint better? Throw in some Frank Ocean for good measure. Frank wrote the hook to this track and it’s quite easily one of the best hooks of the last decade. It’s rumoured that Frank wrote and recorded the hook in one take which further adds to how amazing it is, Frank truly is one of a kind.

1. Earl Sweatshirt- Really Doe

Danny Brown’s Really Doe was one insane song. Danny Brown tore it up along with featured artists Ab-Soul and Kendrick Lamar, but Earl really stole the show. Earl came through with his aggressive style of rap which suits him in a big way. The flow was there in a big way too, when isn’t it with Earl? Anyone who can outshine Kendrick gets our top spot, it’s that simple.

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