Top 10 Earl Sweatshirt Songs

Earl, arguably one of the lesser known artists to arise from the fame of rap supergroup Odd Future. An underlying dark tone makes Earl’s music somewhat hard to stomach, yet extremely rewarding. Making him, in my opinion, one of the most cutting edge rappers in todays game. To celebrate his excellence, and to coincide with our Odd Future week, I have decided to bring you my 10 personal favourite Earl Sweatshirt songs.

10. Grief

The first single to be released from Earl’s critically acclaimed album I Don’t Like Shit I Don’t Go Outside. The song in question set the tone for the album to follow weeks later. Dark, depressive and really, really intelligent with a video which stuck to the overall tone of the song like glue.

9. Chum

From the 2013 album Doris, Chum again shows the deeper and darker side to Earl, with lyrics filled with anguish and disappointment.

8. Whoa

Whoa on the other hand, shows a more light hearted side to Earl,for a song off of the same album as Chum. With a catchy song filled with memorable lyrics and a hell of a hook line. G O L F W A N G.

7. DNA

This song features one of the most smooth verses delivers from Earl Sweatshirt’s lips. And it goes like this:

And the pants better be creased on my corpse

If you need that, run until the street lights off

Back got bigger, got the team strapped on

And you thought it was magic but that’s just the difference

Nigga, my team is magicians

We think of the shit that we want then we get it

Look I got hoes in my britches

Big Up Dill & Britches

Thought you knew this my nigga

It’s crackin’ like french tips

Just checking and balancing

Checks and the salaries testing my friendships

6. AM//Radio

AM//Radio features rather obscure New York rapper Ratking. Who breathes character into the catchy beat. And of course, as always, Earl delivers hard hitting drug fuelled bars to make for an interesting track.

5. Faucet

One of Earl’s slower songs, Faucet explores themes of a broken upbringing and feeling uncomfortable in ones own home. Making it a perfect example of how Earl is not only an excellent rapper, but a great storyteller too.

4. Hive

Most likely one of Earl’s most memorable songs of all time. Hive has it all from hard verses, harder production and silky-smooth features from Casey Veggies and Vince Staples.

3. Wool

For many people, Wool is seen to be the best song from the 2015 album IDLSIDGO. A feature from Vince Staples wraps the sketchy out-of-tune piano based production up perfectly. All to complement Earl’s hard hitting verses.

2. Mantra

Mantra from Earl’s latest album gets the penultimate position down to the analogue sounding production and Sweatshirt’s signature gritty and real bars coming together in harmony to form an unbelievable track.

1. Hoarse

And at last, the top spot. Hoarse (meaning  rough and harsh in relation to someones voice, typically as the result of a sore throat or of shouting) is a personal favourite for me. This song oozes character and individualism from the butter-like bars, to the grungy guitar based production.

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