Top 40 Tyler, the Creator Songs

A big one here for those reading, to carry on our Odd Future week we’re bringing you our top 40 Tyler songs of all time, enjoy and be sure to check out the rest of our Odd Future content throughout the week!

40. Burger

Hailing from Tyler’s debut solo album Goblin, this is a typically silly Tyler song with nice piano keys and a bass-heavy beat. Burger has some pretty funny puns and wordplay in it which can metaphorically relate Burger’s to other aspects of life; mainly from the featured artist Hodgy Beats who does a great job.

39. Awkward

This Wolf cut has a lovely piano beat with some distorted, edited vocal delivery from Tyler as he tells an anecdote about his nerves for a date with a girl. Tyler speaks a lot about his insecurities on this song and how uncomfortable he can feel despite his rough exterior that he shows in his previous music. The repetition in the hook is lovely, this song is early indication as to how Tyler envisioned making his music in the future.

38. Window

This has a huge feature list on it, tipping the hat to Odd Future with the inclusion of Domo Genesis, Frank Ocean, Hodgy Beats and Mike G. Window is designed as a platform for all the features to demonstrate what they have but contextually it is layered as them all being Tyler’s friends and last resort as he is tempting fate with suicide. Eight minutes long may seem long but Tyler rides the beat excellently and the last minute or so of concept monologue are as intriguing as the musical aspects.

37. Nightmare

Fear of death is on the agenda for Tyler on Nightmare, considering himself to be living hell on earth and dragging other people into his evil. It is a very reflective and introspective anthem with one of the more unique beats in the Tyler discography, the harmonic keys sound like they’re played on a xylophone and create an eerie atmosphere along with the lyrics.


Tyler’s ultimate mosh pit track came in the form of CHERRY BOMB’s self titled tune. It’s bass heavy and massively distorted which makes for the craziest 4 minutes in Tyler’s entire discography for me. It without question pops off in a live setting for how wild the instrumental is, the softened vocals really aren’t the selling point of this track, rather just an additional bonus.


From track six of CHERRY BOMB to track seven. Expertly produced with brilliant instrumentals and soothing backing vocals make this an absolute pleasure to the ear. While Tyler delivers as always on his vocals, the actual content of the lyrics really don’t fit how mellow and stunning this song is. This is literally a song about Tyler wanting to get intimate with Cara Delevinge. I say intimate to try and stay introverted, Tyler is a lot more open about it in the song.


I love the stop/start style of this beat as Tyler keeps adding these crowd cheers into it; I feel it really adds something to the song. Tyler’s flow on BUFFALO is lethal and stands as one of his best rapping performances on Cherry Bomb, plus once the beat switches up it adds a whole new style to the track with these slick synth lines and a much more atmospheric vibe.

33. 48 

The beat for 48 is really nice, it has these smooth guitar licks and balances rap music with some more soulful moods in the pianos. The hook is fairly simplistic but the different pitches in the vocals are lovely to hear, courtesy of Tyler and Frank Ocean. 48 gives us both sides of Tyler, the aggressive rapper in the verses, and the more thoughtful artist in the hooks.

32. Colossus 

Often compared to Eminem’s Stan, Colossus is a song that details Tyler meeting fans who obsess over him. The difference between the two songs is the realism of Colossus, as Tyler has often detailed how fans don’t want to speak to him but they’d rather get a photo for the Gram. For the record, Tyler has since said that he didn’t intend to make his own version of Stan, and that it just happened that way.

31. Yonkers 

Referred to as Tyler’s breakout song as a solo artist, it is safe to say that Yonkers and the way it was wrote was a huge statement about Tyler as a person and artist in his early days. The beat was made as a joke and was put together in approximately “8 minutes” according to Tyler himself, while the lyrics spoke about stabbing Bruno Mars; when you put it like that it seems hard to believe that for so long this was his most famous song.

30. Tamale 

This song is one of the biggest examples I would use for when Tyler was truly bizarre and somewhat of a teenage twisted hero. Wolf as an album tried being more serious than its predecessor but with Tamale it is very clear that Tyler could not care less, he wanted to be annoying and just have fun; so he made a song which made next to no sense. It goes hard though so who really cares?

29. Who Dat Boy

One of the first tracks to be teased prior to the release of Grammy-nominated Flower BoyWho Dat Boy opens with ominous strings rife with tension, but don’t let this fool you, though; it’s an out-and-out banger. The highest charting single in Tyler’s entire career showcases his natural chemistry with frequent collaborator A$AP Rocky, and is destined to go off at any of Tyler’s live appearances.

28. Treehome95 

Tyler did THAT. He got Erykah Badu on a song, so of course it was going to be good. Treehome95 has some beautiful melodies from Coco Owino in the hook and the bridge between Erykah and Tyler is sheer heaven, the two show some really smooth chemistry which I just know will have made Tyler feel so great; given how much he loves Erykah Badu. He takes more of a backseat for this song but he can be forgiven in this case given the result is that beautiful.

27. KEEP DA O’S 

Featuring Pharrell Williams, KEEP DA O’S sees both Tyler and his idol go very strange with vocal editing and the siren-sounding beat adds to that level of energy and intrigue. The two demonstrate good verses and a catchy hook before a beat switch in the midway point where we get a far more melodic piano instrumental and, despite still having edits on his vocals, Tyler sounds more angelic and innocent than he did previously. This song is a journey, that’s how I would best describe it.


Let’s get it out of the way right now, this is one of the greatest song titles ever. Tyler has been quoted. Now to the actual track, it’s one of Tyler’s best turn up tracks from CHERRY BOMB. Just when you feel that Tyler is easing away from the rap scene and edging into other creative displays musically, he drops a banger like this into an album.

25. 435 

Just over 90 seconds long, Tyler uses 435 to spit absolute fire over a brilliant beat that samples Saint Etienne’s 4:35 In The Morning song. This kind of song shows exactly why people are considering Tyler as such a big deal recently. His Grammy nomination gets mentioned and you feel as though that was just the beginning of huge accolades. His maturity shines through on this song, short but sweet.

24. I Ain’t Got Time!

Along with Who Dat Boy, this song is easily the most rap-heavy and old-school Tyler styled song from 2017 album Flower Boy. It is a song that does what it says on the tin, it is all about how he doesn’t have time for people who speak about him and his personal life. It is the song that posed the question of his sexuality with that “I’ve been kissing white boys since 2004” line and his silence about it since then has made fans wonder how much truth could be in it (I think there is a lot).

23. Bastard 

This song is peak sad boi era of not only Tyler, but it’s listeners. Styled as a therapy session where Tyler opens up and tells us all the dark, distressing thoughts he has about his life; Bastard serves as a poignant message for what Tyler and Odd Future stood for, a broken generation that have suffered in silence for far too long. Tyler served as somewhat of a broken role model around this time, and songs like this really got that ball rolling.

22. Enjoy Right Now, Today

The ending piece to the masterful Flower Boy is a joy to listen to. What is lacks for in lyrics it more than makes up for in expert production as Tyler and Pharrell drop in some subtle yet soothing vocal work. There isn’t a lot to dissect here as not a lot is said, all I can say is the track title matches the noises you hear in such a sublime way.

21. Answer

Amidst the garish, brazen music that characterised his early discography, Answer is an anomaly. Sure, much of the obnoxious lyricism is still present, but this track sees Tyler touch on a much more grave subject: the absence of his father during his formative years. Featuring a lo-fi, guitar driven instrumental and some of the crooning that Tyler would go on to develop later in his career, it is certainly a standout track from Wolf.

20. Domo23

This is one of the songs that really got me into Tyler The Creator when I was a care-free 15 year old who wanted to be rebellious. It is quirky, energetic and hilarious from start to finish but despite the hilarity; it does also have some really great lines and a brilliant beat. Easily one of Tyler’s best singles from his first few albums.

19. 2SEATER 

Tyler originally wanted Rick Ross on this song but instead went to Hans Zimmer’s studio and added a string section, not a bad alternative. The string section becomes more apparent for the beautiful second half of the track. Despite being one song, the track is actually split into two with the second half being titled HAIRBLOWS

18. Pothole 

A new combo in Tyler’s discography as Pothole features the criminally underrated Jaden Smith on the hooks. Jaden’s voice matches the production to a T. It’s somewhat a motivational song about Tyler overcoming many obstacles in his life and his career. Tyler oozes confidence as he calls out his haters and let’s everyone know how successful he is and how damn good he is his artistry.

17. OKAGA, CA 

At time of creation, Tyler said this was his favourite song he’s ever made and it’s clear to see why. Tyler massively values an intricate production and this is as intricate as it gets. It’s not just a rap beat. It’s upbeat, positive, and a total juxtapose to the Tyler that we knew for the albums prior to CHERRY BOMB.

16. Potato Salad 

The most recent chapter in the WANG$AP world here with this classic Tyler and Rocky collab. Both men deliver pretty big as they rap over a Kanye classic beat he made for a Monica and Missy Elliot collab. When this pairing first came around it felt strange but now it’s such a normality. You want another normality? It’s a normality to see Tyler’s bars get better when Rocky is around, they are a motivation to each other.

15. Foreword

Here we have the album opener to Tyler’s latest success in Flower Boy. It was the first glimpse of the ever budding collab work between Tyler and Rex Orange County, it was also the first glimpse of how good it could be. Tyler’s more mellow and intricate production matches a smooth vocalist like Rex. Tyler has openly said that he was letting Rex shine on this album and Foreward is a great example of that.

14. OKRA 

Let this sink in, OKRA is without a doubt one of Tyler’s best displays of pure rap, and Tyler considers this nothing more than a “throwaway track”. It’s easily worth a place on a studio album for Tyler’s sheer bars. There’s plenty of reference to what could be the dissolution of Odd Future, whether you want to hear that or not. The topic of discussion is a sad one for the die hard OFWGKTA fans, but boy is it delivered in a venomous way.


A soulful, beautiful track here that’s as far away from rap as Tyler has ever gone. Find Your Wings is a pure RnB track featuring the likes of Roy Ayers, Syd and Kali Uchis. The ultimate message of the song is to not let other define you as you create your own path, something Tyler has done all too well. Despite being on the wild and outlandish Cherry Bomb, it certainly feels like it could place anywhere among the best tracks of the much more organised and cohesive Flower Boy.

12. Boredom

Having wrote this song at 5pm on a Saturday with nothing to do, Boredom is about, well, being bored. It’s also the first single released to feature solo artist Rex Orange County, having previously cosigning him in the past. Along with Anna of the North and Corinne Bailey Rae, Rex provides the gorgeous hook on this track, and Boredom is a prime cut when it comes to representing the recurring musical and lyrical ideas on Flower Boy.


The lead single and opener on Cherry Bomb, and what a way to kick off. Pooling influence from Pharrell Williams’ N.E.R.D days (Tyler claiming, in this very song, that their debut record In Search Of… was more influential to him than Nas’ seminal album Illmatic) all the way to Iggy Pop and The Stooges, DEATHCAMP‘s instrumental is explosive and volatile, as Tyler flexes and cuts down his critics with true vitriol.

10. What The Fuck Right Now 

One of the earliest points in the blossoming relationship of WANG$AP right here. Tyler remixed Kanye West’s Freestyle 4 and quite clearly outdone the original. The production is hard as hell and Tyler gets a nasty flow, it’s one of the best examples out there of how hard Tyler can go. The whole song is a general flex which could be annoying if it was constant, but this was a rare piece of fun in the studio with ASAP and friends.

9. Where This Flower Blooms

Where This Flower Blooms is a track about expression and growth, using the blooming flowers as a metaphor for this. Tyler brings in the assistance of Frank Ocean which was obviously going to make this Flower Boy cut a dream anthem, and they duly delivered. The pair’s wordplay is so impressive in this song, whether it’s Tyler’s reminiscence or Frank saying “OJ shining on me, Simp Sun shining on me” which is a belter of a lyric.

8. IFHY 

Pharrell’s production on this is a thing of sheer beauty. It offers the perfect setup for a harrowing millennial love song that takes a look at the beauty and the ugliness of love. It is hugely emotionally driven by Tyler and I really love his flows in the verses, not to mention the simplistic but so catchy hook. The song also has a sweet breakdown which leads to a gorgeous bridge and some lovely harmonising from Pharrell and Tyler.

7. She 

The highest ranked Goblin track falls into the lower end of the top 10 of our list here. It’s such a high placing song large in part to the brilliance of Frank Ocean and the beautiful blend in his partnership with Tyler. Not only is there such a clean hook, but a pretty cool rap verse in there all from the King. Frank’s melodies are the polar opposite to Tyler’s dark lyricism throughout. It shouldn’t work but really a lot of this album shouldn’t have worked, it just did.

6. November

Tyler’s insecurities come to the forefront in this excellent rap track from Tyler’s most recent project Flower Boy. The song title, November, is a metaphor for the best time in his life with the song having a really well thought out interlude mid way. The interlude features a number of Tyler’s friends detailing their Novembers. The interlude is followed by a masterful bridge which is possibly the highlight of the track. Overall a highly underrated piece.

5. Garden Shed

Keeping his sexual orientation concealed inside his own little Garden Shed, Tyler reaches vocal heights he has never reached before on this song as well as garnering the lyrical depth to match. It has always been a dream of Tyler’s to sing with an angelic voice and while he will never be Mariah Carey, this kind of song is so sweet and gorgeous on the ears; it is so fantastic to hear Tyler doing exactly what he has always wanted to do artistically.


Despite the first half being incredibly soft and well crafted, deep down it’s some what creepy. Tyler details his feelings for a girl who’s much younger than him and how this made those feelings so conflicted. Uncle Charlie (Charlie Wilson) provides the hook for FUCKING YOUNG while part two, PERFECT, provides us with a beautiful blend of Kali Uchis and Tyler who combine for a stunning duo.

3. See You Again

From one fantastic collaboration with Uchis to another, See You Again is a love letter to Tyler’s perfect partner. Much to his dismay, however, said partner only exists within his imagination. Much like many other tracks on his latest album Flower Boy, this song exposes a more vulnerable side to Tyler that we’ve rarely seen at this point, and with the aid of the aforementioned Colombian-American songstress, he’s managed to make something that sounds truly beautiful.


Just looking at the track listing for Cherry Bomb, you’d have high hopes for any song that featured the star power that Kanye West and Lil Wayne possess, and let me tell you, SMUCKERS did not disappoint in the slightest. Despite working with Ye and Wayne before, this is the first time all three of them appear on the same track, and to say they all brought their A-game would be a massive understatement. In an interview, Tyler proclaimed that this track would be “legendary” in a decade’s time, and it’s not difficult to see why- it’s already one of the finest tracks in Tyler’s entire discography so far.

1. 911 / Mr Lonely

And here we have our number one. 911 / Mr Lonely is a two part track featuring Frank Ocean, Anna of the North, Steve Lacy, A$AP Rocky and ScHoolboy Q. The star studded lineup is only heightened by the masterful production. The ever evolving Tyler who gives us his two best styles blended together here with his RnB and rap styles colliding. Brilliant lyricism. 911 is about someone calling up Tyler when they need him most while Mr. Lonely is a self reflective piece about how lonely Tyler is despite the fame and fortune. There’s so many twists and turns both in the production and lyrically. Whether it’s the marvelous bridge gapping the two songs or it’s Frank Ocean’s bonkers chirping, there’s something for everyone here and was our number one by quite some way.

2 thoughts on “Top 40 Tyler, the Creator Songs

  1. Kept scrolling to see if Smuckers was gonna be put at #1 (it’s my favorite) but close enough haha. I just wrote a blog post about my 7 current fav songs. Potato salad made my list. It’d mean a lot if u could check it out. Thanks 💕


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