The Internet – Hive Mind: Album Review

In 2015 Odd Future alumni The Internet released their third studio album, Ego Death, earning a Grammy nomination. Following that the group released solo projects before getting back together for their most recent album, Hive Mind. Is another Grammy nom on the way?

I’ll answer that question a little bit later, but before that let me give you my thoughts on the album pre release. Ego Death was a great album all in all, something I felt The Internet couldn’t top unless Steve Lacy got a much more prominent role in the group. I genuinely felt this album would be Ego Death 2: Electric Boogaloo, and I got egg all over my face for it.

Everything that was great about Ego Death is present in Hive Mind but somewhat multiplied. It’s tight, it’s smooth, it’s seamless. From start to finish we get 57 minutes of ultra slick music that’s a pleasure. It’s clear that the group evolved as artists, perhaps thanks to the solo projects the members put out prior to this release.

Yes I got the Steve Lacy vocals that I wanted, but there’s so much more to be thankful for. Syd has once more improved and Matt Martians has proven how important he really is, everyone on this album plays an incredibly important role which has made the pay off so much more satisfying.

Standout songs from this album are hard to pick because of how well this project flows and how good every track is, but I’d have to give massive props Next Time/ Humble Pie and Roll (Burbank Funk). Oh and lets not forget Steve Lacy’s GOD level riffs on Come Over. Don’t be fooled by me picking my personal favourites, if you have these down as your worst songs on the album I wouldn’t begrudge it because every song here is a quality piece in it’s own right.

I love a feature as a nice spark of interest and a moment to turn it up, but I’m pretty glad that wasn’t a factor in this album. It’s a blast without features and shows that the five artists involved are more than enough and are more than capable of holding their own. Part of my love for this albums falls back to a tweet from the group leading up to the album.

It’s as old school as it gets. There was no nonsense, no silly promotion, no outrage and no fillers. This was an album of great music that The Internet wanted their fans to enjoy. This wasn’t for the streams, this was all for the art. The result was a really pleasant listen to one of the smoothest albums of the year. Back to my initial question. Will it get the group another Grammy nomination? Of course it will.


1 thought on “The Internet – Hive Mind: Album Review”

  1. The fact they incorporated everyone in even better than before is exactly what makes the album so great, I agree! Feel Good is still my number one though but I can 100% see this one catapulting them even farther than they’ve already gotten to up to this point.


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