Weekly Singles Roundup: July 23rd-29th

In our second week of doing this, we have been blessed with some new releases of the absolute highest order, as well as some that aren’t as good. New singles have come from the likes of BROCKHAMPTON (again), The Chainsmokers (sigh) and DJ Khaled, who appears to be gearing up for I’m The One 2: Electric Boogaloo, but more on that later. Here are Viberant’s thoughts on the new singles to come out in the last full week of July.

Blood Orange – Charcoal Baby – 9/10

This song is so dreamy. Blood Orange returning is always going to be good news and this psychedelic glamorous pop take is so cool. Those guitar licks are like heaven on earth and I love everything about the vocal harmonies alongside the synths in the hook and bridge. The word I would use to describe this song is sexy, it just oozes attitude and spirit and it could be one that I am jamming for quite some time.

DJ Khaled feat. Justin Bieber, Quavo & Chance The Rapper – No Brainer – 2/10

FIRST LISTEN: The same combination that worked together for last year’s huge hit I’m The One, minus Lil Wayne, has come back again in the hope to dominate the charts once more and I feel like they could do with this one. It has a very obvious marketability but there isn’t anything too remarkable about this song. It isn’t as good as I’m The One and the hook isn’t really that catchy, something that just cannot happen on a song like this. Chance has the best verse but nobody really blows you away, while DJ Khaled is his typical self.

SECOND LISTEN: God damn it this is one of the worst songs I have ever heard. Get this trash out of my ears. Why did I even give this a chance? It was painfully obvious what we were going to get.

Jungle – Heavy, California – 6/10

HEY. Who remembers Jungle? After bringing out Busy Earnin’ and thus their debut album in 2014 they just disappeared off the face of the earth but they appear to be making a comeback with plenty of new content over the past few weeks. Noel Gallagher described them as the last truly great band he heard and while they do have some character and a unique sound, I consider a great band innovating and groundbreaking; something that Jungle just haven’t proven here. The song is okay, if anything it is good and catchy; but it isn’t the mark of a great band.

BROCKHAMPTON – 1997 DIANA – 9.5/10

BROCKHAMPTON are on absolute fire. Their previous singles in the build up for this new album have been great, but this has just taken anticipation to the next level. 1997 DIANA is very similar to BOOGIE from Saturation 3 in its delivery and I genuinely think it could be just as catchy. Every single member kills it; Matt Champion’s flow is lethal, Kevin Abstract just knows how to make catchy hooks and melodies, while Dom McLennon shows once again why he is perhaps the group’s most talented rapper; oozing charisma and life on this absolute banger.

Charli XCX – Girls Night Out – 8.5/10

It’s no boys allowed on the new Charli XCX single but I managed to sneak a few listens in, perhaps the biggest breach of the rules I have ever done in my sheltered life. Regardless, Girls Night Out slaps, Charli is an absolute queen of making bops and needless to say she has delivered once again with attitude and a glamourous electronic beat. It might be my favourite song she has done since last year’s After The Afterparty with Lil Yachty, Christ I loved that song so much.

Pale Waves – Eighteen – 8/10

As their long-awaited debut album draws closer; Pale Waves are growing into their role of emerging indie-pop stars with each passing song. Sharing a label with the likes of The 1975 and Wolf Alice has clearly worked wonders as they share similarities with both bands, while also sounding utterly nostalgic and like they’ve come fresh out the 1980s. When I first heard Kiss it reminded me of The Cure with a female lead vocalist, this song has done nothing to harm those honourable claims.

The Chainsmokers feat. Emily Warren – Side Effects – 1/10

This is a song by The Chainsmokers. If you want to know how it sounds then listen to literally any of their other songs. No invention, no personality, nothing more than just surface level, lifeless dance music with a mediocre guest vocal appearance. Their very existence annoys me, who on earth let these bozo’s get famous? I usually don’t diss people for what they listen to, music is subjective and therefore the most divisive thing in the world. But if you find yourself coming back to this through sheer enjoyment, I fear that you may not be venturing far enough to fulfil your musical needs. This song is wack, end of.

Mac Miller – What’s the Use? – 8/10

Funky to the core, I like the slick bass riff in the instrumental and Mac does a good job riding the wave of the beat. All in all I don’t have much of a problem at all with this song, mainly because Thundercat produced it the absolute genius. The hook is groovy and catchy, his verses are great and the beat is fire, all the requirements for a nice song. Mac Miller has been getting better and better for a while now and I feel like this could be his ideal sound, I’m looking forward to whatever he has coming up.

Tyler The Creator & A$AP Rocky – POTATO SALAD – 9/10

Whenever Tyler The Creator and A$AP Rocky work on something, it is guaranteed to be fire; this is another glittering example of this very fact. It came out entirely out of the blue, with the pair rapping over the ice cold Kanye-produced beat for KNOCK KNOCK by Monica and Missy Elliott. Tyler’s flow and delivery is impeccable, offering one of his best verses in a long time while Rocky shows off his swagger and persona in a cool, cocky performance.




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