Viberant Profile Round 2: Sam Bennison

When Viberant said they were looking for writers I offered to help out to put a different spin on what they do. We all have different opinions and I use this platform to bring something different to the table. Hopefully you can learn a bit more about that through my Viberant profile.

Q: The Viberant Classic Album Leaderboard is made of scores between all three of the creators of Viberant, if it was down to you what would you change?

A: Of course, Is This It – The Strokes needs to be higher up.

Q: What was the first album you ever bought?

A: Rage Against The Machine’s self-titled album.

Q: What’s your most controversial music opinion?

A: Kanye West isn’t the genius he claims to be.

Q: Who are your top 5 rappers right now?

A: MF DOOM, A$AP Rocky, Tyler the Creator, Danny Brown & Earl Sweatshirt.

Q: If you could switch lives with anyone for a day, who would it be?

A: David Byrne.

Q: What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to?

A: Tough one, but The Cribs @ Mddlesbrough Empire.

Q: What do you love outside of music?

A: Cinema.

Q: What was the last song you listened to?

A: alt-J – Deadcrush (feat. Danny Brown) (Alchemist x Trooko Version).

Q: What genre of music are you most into?

A: Another tough one. Probably Alt Rock or Post Punk.

Q: Favourite band?

A: Radiohead. Without a doubt.

Q: Favourite RnB artist?

A: Prince.

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